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Are you looking for a way to transport your dog by bike?

Cycling with your dog
Dog Kit Scheme
Advantages of the Dog Kit

A cargo bike adapted to your needs:

Adaptable to your own bike

Universal system, can be fitted to almost any bicycle

Ingenious patented system

Give a seconde life to your bike in just a few minutes

Tilting system = handy bike

Agility and dynamism thanks to the curve-assist (tilting of the wheels during a turn)

Locking the wheels at stand-still

Blocking lever that allows your dog to get on easily

Hydraulic brakes

Brake lever included, ready to be fitted onto the handlebar

Many accessories included

Leash clip, storage pocket, foldable bowl

Transport your dog safely:

Subtitles are available in English

I love it! I can use my own bike to ride everywhere with my dog. And Lucky is very happy to be in front!
Pauline, Dog Kit user

Order it now and receive it in 2-3 weeks

Dog Kit, perfect for dogs up to 35kg: 1,150 โ‚ฌ

Kit Dog_three quarter view

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Cycling with your dog
Ride your bike with your dog