Our technical partner network – Learn everything about the system

Our technical partners are repair shops, which handle any after-sales technical intervention on your AddBike product.
Need to bleed your brakes? Change a wheel? Change a part?
Whether mobile or not, this cycling professional’s main mission is to accompany you throughout your whole cycling life with one of our products.
But that’s not all! In addition to taking care of the after-sales support/warranty, our technical partners are also there for the commissioning of your product as soon as you buy it from us.

Réceptionner et mettre en service
Receiving and commissioning
Entretien annuel

Fulfilling the annual meeting

Gérer le SAV

Handling the after sales support

We have an extensive and growing network of partners in Europe. And if you don’t have a technical partner in your area yet, don’t worry! Our team will take care of finding a new partner as close to you as possible.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to get in touch with one of our technical partners near you?