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AddBike has a range of cargo bike solutions made just for you!

Choose AddBike's electric cargo bike
To transport 2 children

AddBike's ideal cargo bike kit for families
To transport 1 child

AddBike's cargo bike is suitable for dogs
Carry a furry friend

Kit-box_cargo bike with front carrier

Transport your stuff on an AddBike cargo bike
To transport loads

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Ride steady and loaded with the B-Back
An accessory to turn your bike into a tricycle

Choose your electric family cargo bike

To transport 2 children

The ideal cargo bike for carrying a child

To transport 1 child

Cargo bike perfectly suitable for our furry friends

For our favourite companion

Easily transport your belongings in cargo bike

For transporting loads

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Ride steady and loaded with the B-Back

An accessory to turn your bike into a tricycle

The AddBike U-Cargo: a family cargo bike for your everyday life

It’s the perfect family bike, designed to meet your daily mobility needs. Move around with your children and your stuff safely and easily with electric assistance and the right equipment!


In just a few seconds,

go from children mode to shopping mode

ideal for parents' day to day life


Easily turn the motor on

thanks to a lever on the handlebar

Perfect for a hill-start (and loaded)

Suitable frame

Very easy to step over and thought for

every body type

For frequent stops and an

optimized ride


Metal frame enhanced by a

textile envelope

allowing total protection

Advantages of the electric cargo bike

''The cargo bike has totally changed my life, I do everything with it! We hardly use the car anymore''


''Very good product! I was able to upgrade my old bike to a cargo bike at a very reasonable price. And the team is great! ''


''The Addbike+ is very practical and reliable, we had no problems with it. Easy to install and use, I don't regret my purchase and I recommend it! ''


''After the birth of my second child, I was looking for a way to keep cycling. I didn't want to buy a big cargo bike because I like the manoeuvrability and I don't have room in my flat. The U-Cargo was the solution"


AddBike: do more with your cargo bike

Turn your bike into a cargo bike!

Turn your bike into a cargo bike: The AddBike+ is a load transport system with a two-wheeled tilting frame that allows the wheels to tilt and adapt perfectly to  urban landscapes.

It replaces the traditional bike’s front wheel. Your bike is thus quickly turned into a reversible and handy three-wheeled bike. You can also add a module on the AddBike+ to adapt it to any type of load. You can choose the Carry’Box Kid to transport your children, the Carry’Dog for your pets or the Carry’Box to carry your loads.

Our accessory fits to a majority of classic bikes. You can therefore turn your everyday bike into a cargo bike without necessarily investing in a new tricycle or two-wheeler.

Your cargo bike will replace your car and adapt to your daily life, so go for it!

Let’s bet on cargo bike as a new means of daily transport!

Bikes for life
Bicycles are a vector of social link, economy, ecology, well-being… Indeed, many families are now turning to cargo bikes to move around all together daily… but not only!
Cargo bikes can also be your partner for shopping or getting to work.

Adapt your bike to urban environment
Easily change your means of transport with AddBike. Avoid traffic jams by using our different modules in order to easily and quickly turn your bike into a handy and urban-friendly adult tricycle!
It’s up to you to choose according to your needs: load transport, child transport, dog transport, electric assistance… And adapt your bike to urban environment!

Why AddBike?
Our products are designed in our own research unit in Villeurbanne by taking into account your feedback so that your bike becomes the ideal solution for your needs! We coordinate our products’ manufacturing, from production of the mechanical parts to quality control after the final assembly.
We sell our products in shops chosen for their expertise in cargo bikes, two-wheelers and long tail bikes but also on our website. If you would like to convert your bike into a three-wheeler and discover our unique system, feel free to contact one of our dealers near you.

Let’s bet on cargo bike as a new mode of daily transport!

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