AddBike turns your bike into a cargo bike

The AddBike accessory concept

The AddBike is a double-tilting wheel structure that replaces the front wheel of your conventional bicycle and transforms it into a cargo bike in a quick and reversible manner. On top of the AddBike, it is possible to attach specific containers adapted to different needs of transportation.

Turn your bike into a compact cargo bike

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We create
innovative bicycle
accessories to promote soft mobility

AddBike is designer and manufacturer of innovative accessories for bicycles. Its activity contributes to the development of the bicycle as an everyday means of transportation.

As kits for cyclists or components for bicycle manufacturers, AddBike accessories make the bike a credible alternative solution for everyday urban commuting.

Design and development

We create all our solutions in our own design office in Villeurbanne, next to Lyon in France.


We coordinate the manufacture of our products, from the production of the mechanical parts to the quality control after the final assembly.


We select and assist our partners (bicycle shops and cycle manufacturers) in the process of selling.

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Designed to make your bike your alternative form of transport

Children transportation, goods, groceries, pets and more…

Whatever you need: discover the bike accessory that suits you

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At first, I was moving around with my dog running next to my bike…

The AddBike completes our front load capicity cargo bike line…

The AddBike makes my family logistics simpler with my two sons…

Adaptable to your needs

The AddBike makes all your journeys easy : both during the week and weekend. Turn your bike into a cargo bike and navigate easily your city streets!

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Handy and compact

Its cinematic is patented and unique. With its two
tilting wheels, the AddBike provides maneuverability and
a fluent driving experience.

The AddBike tilting system

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