Discover our bike child carrier options to ride with your kids

Looking for the perfect bike child carrier for you daily trip?

Here are our two bike child carrier solutions:

A little overview…

  • The U-Cargo, an electric bike child carrier that allows you to cycle while carrying 2 children or 80kg/176lbs safely. There are two versions : the Family version which has a cabin at the back to protect you children and a front rack, or the Lite version, without the cabin nor the front rack but has a rear rack that will allow you to transport loads,
  • The Kit Kid, patented tilting wheel system that turns your bike into a cargo bike in order for you to carry a child under 1m20/3ft. 9″ or 35kg/77lbs. This option is reversible in just a few minutes and is a great cost-effective alternative for getting from one place to another in the city.

Safety is in AddBike’s DNA, these two bike child carrier options will allow you to ride with your children comfortably and freely.

Be careful: If you are looking for stability on a bike, we do not recommend the Kid Kit. It has a tilting wheel system: the wheels lean to the side during a turn. Riding with this system wil bring new riding sensations, it’ll be more dynamic than with a normal bike. you might need to practice for a few minutes or even a few days before being fully comfortable!

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