Discover the history of AddBike, our values and meet the team!

Discover the history of AddBike, our values and meet the team!

AddBike’s story begins in 2015… when Renaud had a crazy idea:

to put a stroller on a bike!

Qui sommes nous : histoire

Renaud Colin was looking for a practical and modular solution to transport his two children by bike. Existing solutions for families were expensive, cumbersome, and required the purchase of a new bicycle. The market did not meet his needs, so he decided to found AddBike and launched this innovative concept. The idea is simple: to offer an accessory that allows you to keep your bike while adapting it to your needs. The concept of the “augmented bike” was born! So, since 2015, AddBike has been creating, manufacturing and marketing products to promote cycling mobility for everyone!

The rest of the story is something else entirely. In 2015, the bicycle was not the most obvious means of daily travel. Beyond convincing the incubators and our customers by the strength of our innovation and design, it was above all necessary to find competent partners with real cycling knowledge who were motivated as we are by cycling AND by the project. What we wanted was something concrete and well done: something adapted to families on a daily basis.
That’s also why we took the long road to designing our perfect AddBike. From prototype to prototype, the first version was finalised in 2015 and the first series entered the market in May 2017.

This long road allowed us to anticipate the world of cycling, the technical knowledge it involved, and the expectations of our customers.

The bicycle, a alternative means of transport for the future

It is becoming the obvious solution for the journeys of many city dwellers: a driver of social ties, economy, ecology, well-being… Many families are now turning to the cargo alternative to travel together on a daily basis. What we want to do: invent tomorrow’s cycling mobility.
AddBike participates in the development of the bicycle as a means of transportation, by offering innovative and adapted accessories both to accomplished cyclists and to families looking for alternative means of daily transportation. Our ambition: to lift the brakes that stop the daily use of the bicycle. Indeed, AddBike is positioned as a designer and manufacturer of innovative and modular accessories for bicycles, in the form of kits for cyclists, but also components for bicycle manufacturers wishing to offer a cargo solution.
Reindustrializing the local industry is also one of our goals.

AddBike contributes to the development of the bicycle as a means of transportation, by offering innovative and adapted accessories for both accomplished cyclists and families looking for alternative ways to get around every day. Our ambition: to lift the residual brakes on the daily use of the bicycle.

Qui sommes nous : un technicien qui travaille dans les ateliers AddBike

Bikes made in Europe

Our products are designed and assembled in France, in our premises in Villeurbanne!

Our company, moreover, is willing to invest in the bicycle and active mobility industry.
The bicycle and soft mobility sector is today in full expansion in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. New actors in active mobility (bicycle promotion associations, school biking, research centers …) are added to the traditional actors (assemblers, manufacturers, cyclists …).
This is why Renaud Colin has created, alongside Anne Sophie Caistiker, the Active and Sustainable Mobility Cluster (Cluster Mobilité Active et Durable).

But why the MAD cluster? To help soft mobility in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region evolve together and enable companies to become a real player in change. It aims to bring together as many players as possible who want to work for a sustainable city to work together on projects, innovations, subsidies and profound changes in the development of the bicycle industry and its entire ecosystem within the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region. We have now relocated our production to the Usine à Vélo, a bicycle assembly cooperative supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region. The Usine à Vélo assembles the products of numerous companies in the field of active and sustainable mobility, active in CARA Active Mobility. It is present in our premises: the Manufacture des Mobilités, a third-party production site, supported by the Lyon metropolis and the ANCT.

A passionate team 

AddBike is above all a team united around the same project, around the same passion: cycling. This project is a transport solution in which we all believe and for which our team is involved on a large scale. We, AddBike, make sure that we have solid technical skills in product development related to the cargo market: mechanical design, kinematics and textile knowledge. And also great bike mechanics skills for the assembly of our bikes.

Our aim is to develop cycling mobility in France and in Europe. Specialising in accessories for urban mobility, we have now registered two patents for innovation on our AddBike pendular system. This is what has led us to have great cargo expertise and to be well established in France and in Europe thanks to a great business and e-commerce team.

We are ready to take up our new mobility challenges: don’t worry, we’re on the move!


Equipe AddBike
Qui sommes nous : conception mecanique

Mechanical design

All parts of the AddBike are designed by our design office in Villeurbanne in the Lyon area. We take particular care in the ergonomics and the quality of the design of the parts to offer a product that meets your expectations, combining resistance, reliability and ergonomics.

Qui sommes nous : équipe travaille dans la cinematique


We have advanced knowledge in kinematics. The tilting movement of the AddBike’s wheels in relation to the rest of the chassis has been the subject of a specific, unique and patented development.

Qui sommes nous : textile produits AddBike


The textile parts of our modules are designated and prototyped by our design office. Everything is designed to deliver a durable, functional and easy-to-use product.

Our values



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Our press 

Qui sommes nous : marques qui parlent de nous

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Qui sommes nous : marques qui supportent AddBike