Where does the AddBike concept come from ?

Our story begins in 2015 when Renaud Colin started looking for a practical and modular solution to transport his two children with a bicycle. The existing solutions were expensive, cumbersome, and required the purchase of a complete new bicycle. At that point, the market did not meet his need, so he decided to create AddBike and to design our innovative concept. The idea is simple: an accessory that allows you to keep your bicycle but to adapt it to your needs. The concept of “upgraded bike” was born!

That is how, since 2015, AddBike has been committed to creating, manufacturing and marketing products to promote cycling mobility for all!

We are specialists in utilitarian, professional and personal cycling mobility, a rapidly growing sector:

cargo bikes sold in Germany in 2018
growth in the french market in 2018
of familes in Copenhagen have a cargo bike

Several founding values drive our team on a daily basis

AddBike gives particular importance to being part of a social and ethical approach, integrating social and environmental aspects into our development. For instance, we work on a daily basis with several establishments specialized in the care of people with disabilities in the Lyon region, involving them in different phases of the manufacturing of our products.


Respect for the human being

Products that adapt to everyone’s needs and improve everyone’s mobility

Ecofriendly approach

Products with a controlled environmental impact representing a real alternative to polluting transport solutions

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Trust and security

Safe and reliable products designed to adapt to your utilization

Forklift, delivery


Innovative products that contribute to the creation of a real urban cycling culture and that sustainably changes habits

DIY, tools and sparks


Innovative and clever products that are revolutionizing cycling in the city

Our main technical skills in product development are in line with the market

Our historical partners

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