Box Kit:
Our cargo bike kit, perfect for carrying heavy loads

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Cargo bike kit: turn your bike into a three-wheeler by replacing your bike’s front wheel with the Carry’Box. It will then become a compact and dynamic cargo bike for you to transport any type of loads. The installation of this system only takes a few minutes and is reversible!

The box is designed to be placed on the AddBike + base thanks to its metal structure and its textile envelope. The resulting carrier can carry up to 110 litres for 35kg/77lbs : bulky loads, shopping… You’ll therefore be able to easily travel miles with your belongings thanks to our high capacity cargo bike kit!


WARNING: As the Box Kit has a tilting wheel system, it is not suitable for people who are looking for stability on a bicycle. It allows a very dynamic driving which differs from that of a traditional bicycle. A short time of adaptation is necessary before adopting it completely!

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 Description : Carry’Box, our cargo bike kit for your own bike

Box Kit:
Our cargo bike kit – turn your bike into a cargo bike

By installing the AddBike+ onto your bike, you get a compact three-wheeled bike. With the AddBike+ unique and patented kinematics, you can enjoy a smooth ride thanks to the tilting wheels that lean to the side when making a turn. Your bike will then become a handy and easy to ride cargo bike. It’s a perfect way to turn your classic bike into a cargo bike.

Add the Carry’Box to the AddBike+ frame  in order to transport loads. You can also add other modules for dog (Carry’Dog) or children (Carry’Box Kid) transport. There are multiple ways of using this add-on so that everyone can find a solution that suits their daily needs.

Box Kit three_cargo bike solution

WARNING: The Box Kit has a tilting wheel system. We therefore don’t recommend it to people who are looking for a stable bike. If that’s what you’re looking for, we recommend the B-Back instead, our accessory for turning your bike into a tricycle.


Simply remove your bike’s front wheel and place its fork on our Quick-Fix system which will secure the attachment. The AddBike+ has a built-in, ready-to-use high-end brake system. Simply place the brake lever on the handlebars. You can then keep your old brake lever on or remove it.


The AddBike + is designed to be universal and can be fitted to almost any bike available on the market: whether it’s electric or not, a mountain bike, a folding bike,… You can therefore turn any bike into a cargo bike!


The AddBike+ has a tilting wheel system, you will therefore be able to make turns just like on a normal bike: this way, you can ride it like a bicycle, while still being able to carry loads. You can also adjust the AddBike+ wheels position to optimise the ride depending on how you use it (“empty” / “loaded”) or your riding preferences.


By using the tilt lock lever on the handlebar, the AddBike+ can be stable when at standstill. This makes it easier to load and unload the bike and to get on and off the saddle.


The Curve-Assist tilt system can be adjusted to change its level of tilting: if you prefer, it can be reduced which makes the bike les dynamic. This way it can be easier to get used to the product during the discovery phase.


The Carry’Box is the perfect module to carry more daily: your stuff, your shopping, school bags, professionnal tools… Quickly turn your bike into a bike with a front trailer.

  • Shock-Resist : rigid metal frame
  • See-Me : reflective strips to see and be seen
  • Rain-Blocker : waterproof cover
  • Clean-Canvas: large white customizable area with sticker

The Carry’Box module is added to the AddBike+, which itself is attached to your bike. In a nutshell, you don’t have to buy a bike with a built-in trailer but you turn your bike into one that has a box in front. The purpose of our bike with front trailer is to carry your loads.
However, if you remove it from the AddBike+, you will be able to carry larger items. Thus, the AddBike+ can be used on its own as a heavy duty trailer.

Our front trailer bicycle, or more commonly known as the Carry’Box, always stays parallel to the ground thanks to the tilting system. So no matter what you put inside, nothing will move and you’ll never be off balance.

To get a better idea of what the Box Kit can be used for, here is the Hulluch Town Hall’s experience!

Looking for an electric version to carry your loads? Check out our new product, the U-Cargo, an electric cargo bike that has a large storage space at the back. It will also allow you to move around with your children!

What you need to be aware of before riding with a cargo bike kit

Curve-Assist system

The AddBike+ Curve-Assist system allows you to ride your cargo bike just like a normal bicycle while still being able to carry loads. This system works just like a 3-wheel scooter: when you take a turn, both wheels lean to the side.

Our double-patented system has several advantages.

  • One of which being that the base stays parallel to the ground when the wheels lean to the side during a turn: whoever and/or whatever you are carrying can ride comfortably without sliding to the sides.


  • A second advantage is that the Curve-Assist allows the user to have more storage space while still staying dynamic thanks to the differential tilting per wheel. This means that when taking a turn, the inner wheel leans farther than the outer wheel.

Riding experience

When riding with the AddBike+, just like a cargo bike, you need to take into account that it isn’t like riding a normal bike, it is actually very different, and it can bring new riding sensations.
Depending on your bicycle skills, you may have to practice for a few minutes or even a few days before getting the hang of it. Most of the time, experienced cyclists get the hang of it quite rapidly. However, beginners usually need more time to adapt so if you don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to riding a bike, get ready to practice for a few days!
In order to help you get used to the AddBike+, you can adjust the tilting of the Curve-Assist (3 positions) as well as other settings to find the perfect riding sensations for you.

Agility vs stability

Don’t worry! The bicycle won’t lose its dynamism and agility thanks to our Curve-Assist system. In fact, you can almost ride it just like a normal bike: curve at high speed, carry out tight u-turns or ride out of the saddle…
You would think that adding two front wheels to your bike would make it more stable, like a tricycle. However, given the Curve-Assist technology, riding the AddBike+ requires as much balance and skill as riding a normal bike. Therefore, if you aren’t comfortable riding a normal bike, or if you have balance and/or motor problems, we don’t recommend the AddBike+.

Is our three wheeled bike solution compatible with your bike?

Check the compatibility of your bike with the Box Kit

We have put together a tool for you to check the compatibility of your bike with the Box Kit. Click below to try it 🙂

AddBike+ adaptateur 16" à 20"

16″/20″ adapter

For 16 to 20 inch bikes, you have the possibility to buy an adapter kit :

This kit allows you to install the AddBike + on an 16 to 20 inch bike. It’s made up of an axle, two nuts and two adapters. It replaces the AddBike+’s original axle, which isn’t suitable for 16 to 20 inch bikes.

Transformer mon vélo en vélo cargo

12 mm thru axle

This kit consists of two adapters and replaces the AddBike+ original ones.

They are used to insert the host bike Ø12mm/0.5″ thru axle (for a centre distance of 100mm/3.9″ to 110mm/4.3″) to install the AddBike +.

Axe traversant compatibilité vélo 15mm

15 mm thru axle

This kit consists of two adapters and replaces the AddBike + original ones.

They are used to insert the host bike Ø15mm/0.6″ thru axle (for a centre distance of 100mm/3.9″ to 110mm/4.3″) to install the AddBike +.

Check our cargo bike kit technical specifications chart out:


Weight:  13kg/29lbs

Dimensions including wheels (WxLxH ): 70 cm x 77 cm (average length varies depending on wheel position) x 90 cm

Tire size: 20 inches

Colour: Black

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes

Rims: Aluminium

Transport load capacity: 33kg max

Materials: Compact and steel

Chassis treatment: Cataphoresis and painting

Carry’Box Module:

Weight: 3kg/7lbs

Available space inside (WxLxH): 42 cm x 45 cm x 64 cm

Structure: Steel

Colour: Grey, black and white

Lid: closing

Storage capacity: 110 L

Transport load capacity: 35kg/77lbs max

Fabric: Waterproof and PVC fabric

How to fit the AddBike+ and the Box Kit onto your bike

Can be assembled in a few minutes and is reversible!

Tutorials for the Carry’Box module

Install the AddBike+ on your bike

Customers’ opinions on our cargo bike kit a.k.a the Box Kit!

“The Carry’Box is so practical! I recommend it for daily commutes”


“Really useful for my delivery staff, there’s nothing better than this for the city”


“I took it for a solo biketrip, it was great”


Q&A: all you need to know about our cargo bike kit and more!

What is the Box kit maximum capacity?
The maximum capacity is 35 kg / 77 lbs or 110L.
Can I block the tilting wheel system?
The tilting wheels system only stops at a standstill. When riding, you can always choose the wheels’ tilting intensity, depending on your preferences (full or partial)
Is it easy to install/uninstall it?

The installation time is estimated at 5 minutes. The first time, it could take a bit more time, in order for you to understand how it works. We have created several tutorials to help you. Afterwards, it will be a breeze and you will enjoy transforming your cargo bike and classic bike.

You didn’t find the answer to your question ? Feel free to contact us, we will get to you shortly!

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Check these accessories out and add them to a cargo bike kit

Prix : 35,00 

Child bike helmet

Prix : 90,00  TTC

Folding bike lock 6100/90

Prix : 76,00 

Adult rain poncho

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Adult bike helmet


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