Electric cargo bike for daily trips with your family

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The perfect family electric cargo bike, designed to improve your everyday mobility.

Get around with your children and your belongings safely and easily thanks to high quality electric assistance and cleverly designed features!

The U-Cargo Family comes fully equipped, so you don’t have to pay anything extra!


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Description of our electric cargo bike

360° protection

Solid steel frame for side
and rear protection

Powerful and reliable motor

With 80Nm, climb hills effortlessly
when the bike is empty or loaded

Optimised budget

Quality not compromised
thanks to clever design

Made for the city

Compact, ergonomic, handy
and convenient

U-Cargo Family:
the ideal electric cargo bike for the family

An enhanced version of the U-Cargo Lite: the Family version has additional accessories that make it easier for parents to travel by bike with their children and their belongings. This electric cargo bike will provide total protection of your children thanks to its strong steel frame. In addition, it has the same benefits as an electric two-wheeler.


Wooden steps to make climbing onto the rack and loading your shopping or baggages easier


Strong steel frame with wind and water proof textile to warm your feet or hold belongings

Front rack

A spacious rack to carry loads by placing them on a solid base (backpacks, shopping…)

U-Cargo Lite:
a lighter version of our electric cargo bike

A compact and strong bike with a large rear rack that can carry upto two children (with separately bought child seats) or to carry 80kg/12st. of cargo. I you want to carrry older children, please use the U-Cargo Family for full protection.

Not much bigger than a standard bike, this electric bike has a large cargo capacity while being easier to park or to store at home, compared to larger cargo bikes.

Aluminium frame

Light and strong

Mid-drive motor

Powerful and reliable

Small and thick wheels (20″ – 2.4)

Compact and comfortable

One size fits all

Anybody can ride it (Adjustable saddle and handlebars)

Our electric family bike rear rack can hold 2 children up to 80kg/12st. Most of the seats available on the market are compatible: Thule, Hamax, Polisport, Decathlon…

Our electric cargo bike’s advantages


Family Version

The electric cargo bike footboards can also be used as cargo space. The sides are covered with textile so it can hold up to 110L: a cargo bike for children and groceries!


Family Version

Textile system that turns the children’s seat into a storage space to hold loads or belongings. This way you can easily and quickly turn your family bike into a cargo bike.


Family Version

A shockproof steel frame guaranteeing 360° protection for children (from feet to knees to lower-back), is enhanced with a textile cover to hold belongings and to provide wind/water protection.

Front Rack

Family Version

A spacious rack to carry bags, cargo or belongings. The rack can be easily removed.


Lite & Family

The special frame design along with an adjustable handlebar allow maximum comfort for many users on the same bike.


Lite & Family

Thanks to the Bafang Go app, you can link your phone to the motor of this electric cargo bike and get information about your journey and your use (distance travelled, battery life).


Lite & Family

Specially designed by our engineers, our strong kickstand is very easy to use. No need for huge strength, just use your feet. Stable and resistant, your children can hop onto the bike safely.

Rear rack

Lite & Family

The central feature of the U-Cargo is our unique rear rack that allows you to fit a majority of child-seats available on the market as well as travel bags (Thule, Decathlon, Polisport, Ortlieb…). Convenient and universal!


Lite & Family

A simple manual lever placed on the handlebars allows you to start the motor without pedaling, so you don’t have to provide the initial effort to start riding (which can be difficult, especially on hills and/or with weight).

Technical features

Frame & fork: 6061-T6 painted aluminium frame
(Grey or white)
Fork wheelbase 100mm/4″

Wheels & Tyres: 20″ and 2.4″ of tyre thickness
Schwalbe Super Moto X model
Special Loads

User size: Optimized from 1.50m/4.9ft. to 2m/6.5ft.
Low legroom
Adjustable seat and stem

Weight: U-Cargo (with motor and battery): 35kg/5.5st
Family options : 5kg/11 lbs
Extra battery: 3.5kg/7.7 lbs

Compatibility with child seats: Thule – Polisport – Decathlon – Hamax – Bobike

Storage space with metal frame on the rear rack:
60cm/23″ x 50cm/19″ (length and width).
Available volume: 90L.

Engine: Bafang – BBS02
Position: Pedal
Power: 250W
Torque: 80Nm
Phone app via Bluetooth: Bafang Go Go

Battery: Phylion – SF-06s
Samsung cells
17,5Ah – 36V – 630Wh
700 charging cycles
Range: 70km
Slot available for 2nd battery

Load: Rear load: 80kg/12st
Front load: 20kg/3st

Weight & Sizes:
Lite : 32 kg/5 st. – 192 cm/75″ (L) x 68 cm/26″ handlebar (W) x 110 cm/43″ (H)
Family : 40 kg/6 st.– 205 cm/80″ (L) x 68 cm/26″ (W) x 110 cm/43″ (H)
Protech’360 : 60 cm/23″ (W) x 110 cm/43″ (H)

Wheels & Tires: Rims: Mach1: KARGO 20’’- ETRTO 406x25C
Tyre: Innova: IA-2128 20’’x2.40

Transmission: Enviolo Trekking and Shifter PRO Twist

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes: Front and rear brakes ZOOM HB-870

Lights: Spanninga / Front: Axendo 40 Lux/ Rear: Elips – 13 Cd

Handlebar: Rise: 75mm/3″ / Upsweep: 5° / Backsweep: 24° / Width: 68cm

Videos that explain the use of our electric cargo bike

Customers’ opinions about our electric cargo bike

”The cargo bike has totally changed my life, I do everything with it! We hardly use the car anymore”


”With my second child’s birth, I was looking for a way to continue my cycling life. I didn’t want to buy a big cargo bike because I like the manoeuvrability and I don’t have room in my flat. The U-Cargo was the solution”


”I started using the U-Cargo Basic for my bakery deliveries by adding a transport box at the back, it works great and the customers love it.”


“This electric cargo bike can do everything. I can use it to take my children to school and then straight to work or shopping. It reassures me to know that my children are well protected on it.”


Questions and answers

How many kg / lbs can I transport at the back and front?

The load capacity of the U-Cargo Family is 80kg / 13 stones at the back and 20kg / 44 lbs at the front. In its Lite version, if there is no front basket, only 80 kg / 13 stones can be transported at the back.

What is the battery life?

It ranges between 50 km / 31 miles and 70 km / 43 miles. It depends on what type of electrical assistance you’ve chosen, how much you use it, and the weight carried. If you regularly use the assistance to its maximum and the bike is always loaded, the range will more likely be 50 km / 31 miles. There is space for a second battery, allowing longer trips.

Is the rear rack compatible with child seats?

The U-Cargo Family version has its own child seats (with seat belt). However, for younger children, on whatever type of U-Cargo you choose, you can easily install child seats (Thule, Polisport, Bolbikes etc…): our rack has the necessary fasteners, many seats are compatible.

How tall should I be to drive a U-Cargo?

The U-Cargo has a low frame and an adjustable saddle: cyclists between 1m50 / 4,9ft and 2m / 6,5 ft can easily ride it.

You didn’t find the answer to your question ? Feel free to contact us, we will get to you shortly!

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By cycling enthusiasts and cargo bike experts.


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Frame: 5 years
Motor: 2 years


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Can be delivered to your home or via technicentre. If you don't want to move, your U-Cargo can come straight to you your !

Delivery details

You have several options:
Home delivery: The U-Cargo is delivered to your home on a suitable pallet. It is assembled and ready to roll. You just have to unpack it.

Technicentre delivery: The U-Cargo is delivered in one of our partner workshops. They will receive it and assemble your U-Cargo. In addition to helping you get started, you will also have technical tips in terms of monitoring and maintenance. We have many partners available. We will give you your referring workshop contact details once you have ordered your U-Cargo.

Free delivery in our premises: You can pick your U-Cargo up at our premises in France (61 cours de la République, 69100 Villeurbanne).

Additional accessories for the electric cargo bike

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U-Cargo battery

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U-Cargo front rack

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AddBike+ anti-theft axle

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AddBike+ lighting kit

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By cycling enthusiasts and cargo bike experts.


Many secure payment methods exist


Our team is available 5 days a week


Fast and effective customer service