• Suitable for transporting up to 1 child (equipped with the Carry'Box Kid module)
  • Suitable for loads up to 35 kg
  • Easily disassembled and reassembled
  • Agile and dynamic driving

AddBike+: Transform your bike into a three wheeled bike. Easy and fast

Receive your AddBike+ in two weeks

AddBike + replaces the front wheel of your bike to make it a compact and dynamic cargo bike. It only takes a few minutes and it is reversible! Carry a child or your groceries thanks to the adapted modules.

WARNING: Having a system of tilting wheels, the AddBike+ is not suitable for people looking for stability on a bike (those who are handicapped, people with reduced mobility…)

Delivery time: 10-15 days

850.00 TTC

Equip my AddBike+!
No module (+€0) +

No module added

Carry'Box Kid (+€150.00) +

Transport your children

Carry'Dog (+€125,00) +

Transport your dog

Carry'Box (+€100.00) +

Transport your belongings

The Anti-Theft Axle (+€19.90) +
Lighting Kit (+€19.90) +
16 +
15mm Kit (+€15.00) +
12mm Kit (+€15.00) +
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  • Product price: 850.00
  • Total: 0.00

Do you have a question or need advice?
You already have an AddBike+ and only want to buy one module (Carry'Box Kid, Carry'Dog or Carry'Box)?
Do not hesitate to contact us, an adviser will be happy to help you!

Learn more about our AddBike+ ingenious system, our three wheeled bike

Product description: Find out more about our three wheeled bike

By installing the AddBike on your bike, you get a compact three-wheel bike. With the unique and patented kinematics of the AddBike, your bike becomes a handy cargo bike with a smooth ride.

On the base of the AddBike, you can add a module dedicated to a specific use: transporting loads, groceries, children… The possibilities of use are multiple so that everyone has a solution to their daily mobility needs.

The AddBike + is designed to be universal and can be mounted on almost all bikes available on the market: electric, standard, folding, through-axle or 20″ wheels.

Instantly adjust the position of the wheels to optimise driving according to use (unloaded / loaded) or your driving preferences.

By using the tilting locking lever, the AddBike + remains stable when stationary. This makes it easier to load and unload the bike and to get on and off the saddle.

The pendulum system (tilting wheels) can be adjusted to change its resistance. So, if you prefer, the inclination of the wheels can be tightened. This may make it easier to handle during the product discovery phase.

Compatibility of our three wheeled bike system with your bike

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Check the compatibility of your bike with the AddBike +

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For 16 to 20 inch bikes, you have the possibility to buy an adaptation kit :

This kit allows you to install the AddBike + on your 16 to 20 inch bikes. It consists of an axle, two nuts and two adapters. It replaces the axle originally delivered with the AddBike +, which is not suitable for 16 to 20 inch bikes.

12 mm

This kit consists of two adapters and replaces the original ones of the AddBike +.

They are used to insert the Ø12mm through axle of the host bike (for a centre distance of 100mm to 110mm) for the installation of the AddBike + on the host bike.

addbike velo cargo axe traversant compatibilite

15 mm

This kit consists of two adapters that replace the original ones of the AddBike +.

They are used to insert the Ø15mm through axle of the host bike (for a centre distance of 100mm to 110mm) for the installation of the AddBike + on the host bike.

Assembly of our three wheeled bike system on your own bike

Can be assembled in a few minutes and is reversible!

Technical features of the three wheeled bike AddBike+


  • Weight: 13kg
  • Dimensions with wheels (l x w x h ): 54cm x 68cm x 83cm
  • Tire size: 20 inches
  • Colour: Black
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Rims: Aluminum
  • Transport load capacity: 35 kg max.
  • Materials: Compact and steel
  • Chassis treatment: Cataphoresis and painting

Customer testimonials after using our three wheeled bike

temoignages clients addbike
The cargo bike has totally changed my life, I do everything with it! We hardly use the car anymore.“
Charlène, cycling mother
addbike velo cargo transport chien
"The AddBike is like a trailer, but it goes on the front of the bike and not behind. It is easy to put on and take off"
Pauline, Beta-tester

AddBike Customer Service and Warranty

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AddBike designs and manufactures quality products
AddBike products are tested in specialised laboratories accredited by Pourquery and/or CRITT Sports and Leisure.

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Founder and CTO of AddBike

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We want to provide you with quality products to improve your daily life. That is why the AddBike + comes with a full spare parts warranty valid for 2 years on manufacturing and/or material defects.

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Fondateur et CTO de AddBike

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