How did you hear about AddBike ?

At first, I used to ride my bike with my dog running next to me but for trips lasting longer than 10 minutes it started to become quite challenging for her especially with higher temperatures. I was looking for a solution to be able to ride along with my dog and move around with her easily. I found out about AddBike on social media and have a friend who also talked to me about it I found the idea very nice. It is cool to be able to transform your own bike into a cargo bike, and so I tried and bought it.

How were the first trips in AddBike and in Carry’Box Kid ?

At first, it feels weird that the two wheels move. You have to get used to it. And also the dog must get used to it too ! But, after some rides, I got used to it, and Kuma did too, it became more and more simple to ride ! My advice for your first test ride: imagine that you are on a normal bicycle and don’t look at the two wheels !

How do you use the AddBike with your dog and how often?

I use the AddBike two or three times a week to take the dog to the park or to get some groceries. For the use with the dog, I like to leave the leash attached to the AddBike, that way I just have to clip the dog’s harness on to it, it’s really quick and my dog is completely safe. She cannot fall or be tempted to jump since the leash keeps her attached to the AddBike.

Do you have any specific advice for other dog owners?

If I had to give one tip to dog owners, I would say that the most important thing is to make sure you have a dog that listens and obeys. You also need to have a harness and not a collar so the dog is well secured and there is no risk of him or her getting hurt ! If you have that, you will see that riding with the AddBike and your dog is advantageous and fun.

Would you recommend the AddBike as a transport alternative ?

Yes, absolutely, it is the appropriate time. The weather is improving, the bicycle season is back and it’s quite nice. Kuma likes it when I put her on the Carry’Box Kidand we can both benefit from this mode of transportation which is much more convenient than a car or public transport. I find it also more economical compared to what I’ve seen on the Internet, and it takes up less space in my house. With the AddBike, I can pass between the urban obstacles such as poles or next to the cars. For me, the product is great ! You should just be able to choose your colors but otherwise it’s great!