Biking with dog (but not only): follow Laurie and her pets’ life!

Laurie, 31 years old is an animal-lover who lives in a beautiful village in France called Annecy. She lives there with her little family: her husband, her child, but also two beautiful dogs, her rabbit and some chickens! As she works exclusively from home, she finds time to look after all these animals while visiting the region and biking with dog! How does she do it you may ask? Well, it’s simple with the Carry’Dog! Her rabbit and one of her dogs can sit comfortably at the front of her bike! On Instagram Laurie has decided to share her and her family’s daily life and the love she gives them: feel free to follow her adventures @des_cimes_alpines.

Biking with dog: Laurie has been an animal-lover for a long time

Passionate about animals since she was a child, Laurie has never thought about leaving them behind even while riding her bike.

After starting her career in Paris, she decided to change her life and moved to Annecy. This was a great opportunity for her and her partner to adopt their first dog: Jedi, an affectionate Samoyed dog. They then discovered dog sports like running, cycling, hiking, which was a huge revelation for them. Biking with dog became an obvious choice for them.

And then…

“When we went on a hike, one of us was attached to Jedi and the other one was struggling at the back. So it was a no-brainer, we needed a second dog, it was so great to be able to share this with our pet,” said Laurie.
The couple fell in love with this Nordic, primitive and sporty dog breed and got Odyssée as a wedding present.
The two white fur balls love to run around and let off steam, whether in summer or winter!

A few years later, Arc-en-ciel, a beautiful rabbit that thinks it’s a dog, joined the family! “Arc-en-ciel came into our lives last year, she is just like a real dog. In the evening, she joins us on the sofa, we live our best life with her! She even kisses us, we are very close.”

Her breed? A giant butterfly rabbit, much bigger than a dwarf rabbit. But that doesn’t stop her from being terribly endearing and affectionate. You will always find her with Jedi and Odyssée or with someone in the garden or in the house with her harness… She’s a very special rabbit!

Chickens have also recently joined the family!

Biking with dog: how Laurie found out about the AddBike Dog Kit!

In 2020, Odyssée injured her shoulder. Her dynamic Samoyed nature prevented her from standing still and resting which was necessary for her recovery. Laurie tried to find the right solution to satisfy her dog’s needs during her recovery.

“We’ve tried the back seat trailer before with Jedi, I don’t know if it’s because the dog was in the back seat, but it was very complicated. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t go in front and pull.”

That’s when the couple discovered the AddBike and the Dog Kit – perfect for biking with dog – on the internet: “We thought: it’s in front, it’s different and it could be the solution!”

“I already knew about cargo bikes, which are becoming more and more popular, especially in our region. We saw a lot of them, often with dogs, but mostly small dogs on bikes that didn’t really suit our dogs. But, after having tested the rear-trailer, I wasn’t 100% convinced. So when I discovered the concept that fits MY bike, I thought it was great. There was no need to store a whole cargo bike. It’s lighter, more manageable…”.

Which module should i use to ride a cargo bike with my animals?

Biking with dog: the Dog Kit is a handy and practical solution

The AddBike+ with its Dog Kit was therefore an obvious choice for her.

Is it easy to ride?

“I was pleasantly surprised. The team had warned us that the tilting system was different than riding a conventional bike and required some time to get used to it, but in the end it was quite natural! It’s true that when it’s empty, it’s easier than with Odyssée’s 20kg at the front, but I quickly got the hang of it. It’s still very easy to maneuver.”

Remember: Laurie is very athletic, she carries Odyssée (20 kg) without any electric assistance! But don’t panic, it is of course possible to add the Carry’Dog module to an electric bike, unless the motor is on your front wheel.

“Odyssée does not travel alone… Arc-en-ciel is not left behind! Sharing the Carry-Dog doesn’t bother her!
She got used to the Carry’Dog super fast even with the harness So we take the rabbit along. It makes people laugh a lot when they see us biking with dog and a rabbit! One thing is sure: we don’t go unnoticed. Should we rename it the Carry-Rabbit?”

What convinced you about the Carry’Dog?

”With this module you can move around easily, in smaller places, it’s much more manageable. You’re not stuck with a trailer at the back that prevents you from moving around as you want: you can slalom in town between poles, pavements, etc. Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s super practical.
But also, we love the fact that we can watch the dog, or the child when using the Carry’Box Kid. As they are in front, it’s reassuring! And then, clearly, because you can adapt it to your bike without buying another one, and because it’s comfortable: once in the module, Jedi and the rabbit are very snug in our dog carrier.”

Laurie is even considering transporting her son in the same type of module. “I’ve already put him in it, just to try it out, and he loved it! So yes, I’m really considering the children’s version, a very safe module called the Kid Kid.”

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