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AddBike… Who are they? What do they do? It’s quite simple, it’s…

  • 250 professionals available for you to test our products!
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In addition to quality customer service, we have a wide range of technical support and advice to help you in the process of turning your classic bike into a cargo bike. Take advantage of our team’s expertise and experience and make the right choices. All our documentation is suitable for both beginners and experienced cyclists.

You have a question about one of our products? Need any help?

You will find :

  • Downloadable documentation: AddBike has an array of instructions to help you install and use our bikes, AddBike model compatibility sheets and product sheets.
  • Videos: These videos help you build your cargo bike. They are available on YouTube, so feel free to subscribe to our channel to see the latest videos.
  • A FAQ section: How is the braking on the AddBike+ managed (with/without module)? What is the maximum weight that can be carried? Where can I buy the AddBike? At what age can a child be transported in the Carry’Box Kid? All the answers to your questions about our products are here!

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