The carrier bike, an alternative for ecomobility?

Work, outings, leisure, shopping… There are many reasons we move around in daily life and they have a direct or indirect impact on the environment.

At a time of climate change and energy insecurity, the evolution of our mobility is becoming unavoidable. This is of course without forgetting the rise in air pollution and noise that is rampant in the world’s biggest cities.

How can we move from classic mobility to sustainable mobility with little or no pollution in our urban areas? Although several solutions exist, the carrier bike stands out today, in an urban context, as one of the flagship solutions!

What’s a carrier bike ? Here’s your answer.

Sustainable mobility, another way to get around

We have the power to change things! Solutions for responsible transport are numerous and often close at hand.

To be combined or not, here is a list of applicable solutions:

  • Restricting the habitual use of the car and encouraging shared journeys such as car-pooling. To do this, go to car-sharing platforms that can help you find the right partners and vehicles!
  • Use public transport such as the bus, metro, train, or tramway
  • Use energy-efficient modes of transport: cycling or walking is ideal (and it’s good for your health!).

To establish habits and change things at the individual level: a good thing to do is to set an example and talk about it to those around you, but avoid guilt tripping!

Here are great ideas to convince someone: check it out.

How do I take my dog with me on my bike ?

Is the bicycle an alternative for ecomobility?

The city bike is often seen as a great solution for responsible urban transport. The advantages are numerous: no air pollution, no CO2, lower road infrastructure costs, local job creation, economy growth and the improved health of users.

But you have to know how to choose the right vehicle according to the use you make of it, how to equip yourself to travel safely, and how to adapt to traffic.

Carrying loads without getting into trouble
There is something for every taste and for every cost:
  • The good old VTC, this hybrid between urban comfort and the flexibility for country roads,
  • The “urban sport” bike, also a hybrid, a mixture of a city bike and, as its name suggests, a sports bike
  • The Dutch bike, the safe one, which allows you, thanks to its comfortable and upright seat, to have a good view of traffic.
  • The folding bicycle, ideal for users who switch between public transport and cycling. It is designed to be folded and transported easily in order to take up a minimum of space.
  • The electric bicycle for the cyclist who, on a daily basis, makes long journeys on possibly uneven or uphill paths, or simply wants to arrive at work feeling fresh!
  • And our special favourite at AddBike: the cargo bike adapted for real everyday use. It has the advantage of being able to transport up to 2 children, pets, groceries… A real alternative to the car, there are different models: two-wheeler (two-wheeled bike with front load), three-wheeler (three-wheeled bike with front load), cargo tricycle (three-wheeled bike with rear load) or extended bike (longtail or midtail)! It can be electric or non-electric for the braver ones!

On board for the carrier bike revolution!

Choosing green mobility, and particularly cycling, means thinking differently about your daily journeys, but it also means experiencing the city differently: landscape, proximity, speed… Life and the city are more beautiful by bike!

Let’s become actors of change, let’s transform our cities. Let’s all get on our bikes!