Differences between three wheel bike for adults and a cargo bike

If you clicked on this article, it’s because you want to understand the difference between a cargo bike and a three wheel bike for adults… Well, it’s simple, there is none! A three wheel bicycle is a cargo bike.

Are you lost? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything!

The three wheel bike for adults is actually a type of cargo bike!

To make it simple, the trike for adults is part of the cargo bike family!
But, in order for you to understand we have to explain what a cargo bike is first. It’s still a bike, it can have 2, 3 or even 4 wheels.

What is the difference with a classic bike? It allows you to carry bulky and heavy loads! Children, pets, groceries, suitcases, toolboxes, even small pieces of furniture… the cargo bike can carry a lot of things.
A cargo bike is a real asset in everyday life! It is a safe and practical alternative to a car, especially for young parents with busy lives who alternate between trips from school to work.
But they can also be just as useful in professional daily life (craftsmen, delivery drivers, etc.) since it allows them to travel quickly in the city over reasonable distances. A cargo bike is certainly bulkier than a classic bike, but don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to drive and has adapted bicycle paths in cities.

Different types of innovative and adaptable cargo bikes:

Three wheel bike for adults drive with packages
  • The compact longtail or midtail bike: It has a sturdy frame and is longer at the back. This type allows the transport of heavy loads on the luggage rack. You can add a basket at the front or saddlebags to increase its capacity.
  • Two-wheeled bike: As its name suggests it has two wheels and is stretched out at the front. There is a loading box at the front and it can carry up to two or even three children. Its particularity: it has an offset wheel at the front, but it is easy to drive after getting the hang of it!
  • And the famous trike for adults: It can be classic or have a tilting system, has three wheels either at the back or the front and a loading box between the two wheels. This one is the largest of the cargo bikes and can carry up to four and sometimes even six children!

Why choose a three wheel bike for adults and AddBike’s solution!

As you can imagine, the choice of a cargo bike is usually according to how you’ll use it and your needs: distance, type of roads…
But the real question is, why would you choose a three wheel cargo bike?

Questions to ask yourself before buying a three wheel bike for adults:

If you are thinking about buying a cargo bike, maybe you need a tricycle for adults! Here are some questions to help you find the bike you need:

  • Do I need a cargo bike for personal or professional use?
  • Will I need to carry children? A dog? Loads? Shopping?
  • Will I use my bike every day?
  • Do I want to be comfortable?
  • Am I a beginner or someone who doesn’t want to think about my cycling performance?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, a three cargo bike for adults is probably your best option because as said before they have a large storage space so you could use it as a delivery bike or just carry your shopping/children/dog, they are comfortable and easy to use!
But which one should you choose? We can help you with that.

Our suggestion: the AddBike+ and its additional modules

Maybe you need a cargo bike but already have a bike, and you don’t want to invest in a new three wheel bike for adults. Or you just don’t have enough room to store an adult trike. Perhaps you also want to be able to use your bike normally and have a tricycle! AddBike has a suggestion that could solve all these problems: the AddBike+.
All you have to do is remove your bike’s front wheel and replace it with the AddBike+ frame: you now have a three wheel cargo bike, it’s easy! This system is reversible: you can remove the AddBike+ in only a few minutes and use your bike normally and it can adapt to almost any kind of bike, even electric ones! (the motor not being on the front wheel of course!)

If this has convinced you, good. And if it hasn’t yet, we have another trick up our sleeve: there are different modules that fit to the AddBike+ frame that can adapt to your needs!

Three wheel bike transformation: transport children, dogs or goods

The Kid Kit

Designed for carrying children (from 2 years old and up to 1.20m/3.30 ft or 35 kg/77 lbs), it is for people who want to make daily journeys in an urban environment with their child, in complete safety and comfort. You can combine it with a traditional child seat on the rear rack of the bike, it is an ideal solution for parents with two children wishing to travel by bike on a daily basis.

The Dog Kit

The module is suitable for 3.30 ft/1,20m and 77 lbs/35 kg dogs and offers full protection thanks to its metal frame, side reflectors and other great features such as a foldable dog bowl or a harness attachment point! 

Now you can go on unique adventures with your doggo!

The Box Kit

This bicycle module was created for transporting large, bulky loads with a volume up to 77 lbs/110 litres.

Perfect for professional reasons thanks to its metal structure and textile envelope but also personal reasons like shopping for example!

Three wheel bike Kid Kit transport child in the city
Three wheel bike Dog Kit transport dog in the city
Three wheel bike Box Kit transport heavy goods in the city

FAQ: To help you see the three wheel bike for adults more clearly

Is it easy to ride?

A 3 wheel bike for adults is certainly less manoeuvrable than a two-wheeled bike since it is wider (about 90 cm / 35”) but some models are smaller (up to 78 cm / 31”) and it weighs on average 40 kg / 88lbs, without counting the storage capacity! A bit of practice is necessary beforehand to get the hang of this type of bike. However, it takes very little time to adapt to it! And above all, with three wheels, you no longer need to put your foot down while waiting at a red light!

What about security?

Whether you choose a two-wheeled or a three wheel bike for adults, don’t worry: your children (and your pets) can be transported in complete safety!
Moreover, if the trunk is placed at the front of the tricycle, children can be supervised at all times.

Just a little reminder: you must never forget your helmet, even though a tricycle is generally more stable than a bike you still need a helmet, you never know what could happen!

Tilting or not tilting?

It depends on the bike, tilting systems on tricycles have been developed more and more over the last few years but they don’t all have it.
But what is it for? With a tilting system, your wheels will now tilt when turning. It will feel like riding a traditional bike with the storage capacity of a cargo bike!
The advantages: hills and turns will no longer be a problem, this will allow you to have more control during turns, to make them faster and therefore adapt to all styles of riding!

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3J0_19hnqw&vl=fr.

And for the transport of loads?

The three wheel bike for adults has the largest load volume!
Depending on the model, it can be used for transporting:

  • Children: it is possible to carry up to four and sometimes even six children for some tricycle.
  • Loads: shopping, professional deliveries, small furniture, everything is possible!
  • Your pets: many models are nowadays adapted (and comfortable) for our little companions.

Is this three wheel bike for adults comfortable?

In addition to offering a more comfortable riding position, children have more room than on a longtail bike and are protected so they can enjoy the ride!
Indeed, there are many accessories to make them feel comfortable (cushions, secure baby seats, support bars, foot support, waterproof covers…).

Is it more stable than a conventional bike?

It depends on the model you choose.
As previously mentioned, the tilting system makes the tricycle easier to handle and has a better grip to the road. However, it is like riding a traditional bike: it won’t be stable.
A three wheel cycle for adults that doesn’t have the tilting system will offer total stability, especially if it is loaded! Be careful, however, during turns, especially when empty, you mustn’t go too fast.

Electrical assistance, with or without?

Electrical assistance is not essential, but depending on your needs, it can be very practical!
If your journey involves hills with loads or children, if the path is uneven or if you just prefer to not strain or over-exercise … An electric bike may be the right choice for you! Combining an electric motor with your three wheel bike for adults can replace the daily use of the car.

For more information about the electric tricycle read this article

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Go cargo !