No need to be athletic with the cargo bike electric version!

Do you want to make your daily trips on a cargo bike, but you are worried about not being athletic enough? Don’t worry we have the solution!

Cycling is the fastest and most convenient means of transportation for daily trips in the city, but cycling regularly is a physical activity that can, at first glance, discourage some people. 

For this reason, we are going to talk about the cargo bike electric. This version of the cargo bike is perfect for beginners or people who don’t want to struggle with physical activity. 

We will explain how it works!

Cargo bike electric: definition, perks, and things to consider

As its name suggests, the cargo bike electric version is a cargo bike (a bike that allows you to carry loads) that has a motor and a rechargeable battery to store energy. This system helps you go further without struggling or over-straining! Isn’t that wonderful?

According to the EU regulations on e-bikes, the electric drive allows you to reach a speed of 15.5mph or 25 km/h and this has many advantages for everyday use:

  • The cargo bike itself is a bike that is easy to handle and to get used to: 10 to 15 minutes are enough.
  • Driving an electric one is easier and starting, loaded or not, is no longer a problem.
  • From a financial point of view, the cargo bike electric is certainly more expensive than a “muscular” cargo bike, but it is much more affordable than a car, needs less maintenance, no petrol, cheaper insurance, and it’s easier to park at home.
  • You can ride on bumpy or damaged roads without any problem,
  • It’s much less tiring so everyone can have fun on the tricycle.

The electric drive solution is suitable and easy for everyone! 

However, you do have some things to consider:

  • The cargo bike electric is heavier but also longer than a normal bike: it can thus be more difficult to store at home or in your city if the infrastructures are not suitable.
  • Pay attention to the battery life and the distance you wish to cover each day. If you have a long distance to cover, you need to be able to ride the battery to and from your home and recharge your bike in the evening (you won’t find charging stations everywhere). And if you accidentally break down, your cargo bike will quickly become an extra load.
Having electric assistance on my cargo bike electric

Cargo bike electric : daily cycling and effortless traveling

How to use the cargo bike electric daily in a city or countryside

The purpose of a cargo bike is being an alternative to the car which means it should be able to transport substantial loads. Adding the electric assistance will help carry those loads easily and it means your day-to-day life will be much simpler

But how exactly can a cargo bike electric replace a car?  Well, with cargo bikes you can carry anything: your children, shopping, dogs, and even professional loads! The weight of these things may scare you but don’t worry, with the electric assistance you won’t feel a thing. You will be able to go from one point to another in your city in no time even with hills and bumpy roads! You’ll also avoid traffic, help the environment, and basically just have fun.


Cargo bike electric as a daily aid - longtail AddBike

Most of the time, the only example given are in cities, but the cargo bike electric also works in rural areas: If you have recently moved to a little village far from the city but don’t want to change your good cycling habits, an electric cargo bike is a good option because most of the time there are many hills and damaged roads! You could even go to the closest city to go shopping or drop your children off at school. No more need for sportswear for your daily bike trips, but don’t forget about wearing a helmet!
The advantage of a cargo bike electric is that it has the same benefits as conventional bicycles and is a practical and active means of transport!

AddBike’s U-Cargo: a perfect example of a cargo bike electric

Our U-Cargo is a great example of a cargo bike electric! It has been designed to be a safe, practical, and family-friendly bike. Children or loads at the back are protected by a real cabin made of a steel frame covered by waterproof and windproof textile. The door is on the right side and cannot be opened from the inside for maximum safety! The footboard along with the kickstand allow children to climb up and down on their own.

You can also easily turn the seat into a space for heavy loads or shopping (up to 100 kg / 220 lb).

The electric assistance makes it easy to get around and gives you a range of 70 km/43 miles. There is also space to add a second battery for longer journeys!

You would think that a cargo bike is much longer than a normal bike but not this one! The U-Cargo is 2m/6.6 ft long and that’s much longer than a conventional bike.

To find out more, click here: U-Cargo AddBike

Cargo bike electric: an undeniable health benefit in daily life

Even if riding a cargo bike electric reduces effort, it can still be considered a sport.

Riding with electric assistance offers moderate exercise and an adjustable degree of assistance without completely getting rid of pedalling!

By using it daily, you will be able to do a complete weekly exercise while limiting your effort. 

It has many health benefits: it helps with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, obesity, fibromyalgia, cancer, trauma (knees, ankles, hips), improvement of respiratory capacity and immune system, increased life expectancy, lasting fat loss, restful sleep…

It is important to note that the energy intensity produced can be reduced up to 30% during cycling and therefore reduces heart rates and all its related problems. Getting around in a cargo bike electric is exercise that is good for both body and mind. For example, exercising before work improves concentration, reduces stress, stimulates neurons, and improves cognitive abilities.

This is how to enjoy exercise without getting too tired!