Practical, handy and adaptable, the AddBike is the remedy for each day’s organizational struggle

Djavid, a dynamic dad and AddBike user for over a year. He has adopted the Carry’Box Kid solution with his AddBike for his daily trips. The ideal and efficient solution for going from home to work, while dropping off his children at school along the way.

Fun and practical, the AddBike is a combination of usefulness and pleasure

With his AddBike, Djavid has become a true fan of bicycle commuting and thus eliminates the stress and constraints associated with the use of cars.  No parking problems, no fear of arriving late due to road hazards and no traffic jams, so in short, a maximum flexibility. Compact and agile, the AddBike provides the same pleasure and efficiency as a classic bike, while allowing you to carry loads and children.

A fun solution adapted to the needs of a growing number of people

Equipped with powerful disc brakes, comfortable seating and excellent maneuverability, the AddBike allows Djavid to transport his children safely and in a good mood! His children are even proud to go to school in their Carry’Box Kid, that’s how seductive the product is!

Thanks to the AddBike, no more worries when going through the city, less stress at work and more energy during the day. But most importantly, transporting your children with the AddBike allows you to spend quality time with your family, while remaining safe regardless of weather conditions.

Riding a cargo-bike is above all a pleasure and a true life style !

The testimony in video