Carry dog on bike thanks to cargo bikes: a new adventure for dogs

The best way to transport your dog is the three-wheeler bike!

Do you have to choose between taking your dog with you or riding your bike every time you go out? Try to carry dog on bike by installing an AddBike+ conversion frame on your current bike to make it a pet bike! With this solution, you can transport your dog (or another pet!) on your bike safely, for you, your pet and other road users. Don’t leave your pet at home just because you’re riding your bike. Take it wherever you want with AddBike’s Carry’Dog. AddBike made the promise to make riding a bike with your furry friend easy in order for you to take your pet anywhere!

Dog transport: the pleasure of riding a bike with your dog safely

Light, practical, removable and very easy to handle, our Dog Kit safe and practical for you and your pet. It has a great grip, absorbs small road vibrations and is guaranteed to be completely waterproof! Located on the front of your bike, you can keep an eye on your pet at all times to make sure it’s okay. Your pet can watch the road and its surroundings. With a little patience, he will quickly get the hang of this new means of transport. You can go for a walk, go to parks or simply get on with your daily life!  
Our Carry’Dog can be fitted to almost any bike available on the market (do not hesitate to check the AddBike+ compatibility chart). It has many features such as:
  • An integrated leash
  • A removable anti-slip mat
  • A storage pocket
  • Side reflectors
  • A painted steel frame
If you want to know more about dog transport, we recommend you read Laurie’s interview. She explains how she uses the Carry’Dog in her daily life with 2 dogs and…a rabbit!

Cycling with your dog running next to you is not such a good idea.

Naturally, dogs and classic bikes are not really compatible. Some dogs, even very well trained, can start barking and run behind any bike and thus put themselves in danger. While the idea of keeping it on a leash may seem good, it can also be difficult if the dog pulls, a dog that is too curious or simply a dog that has trouble keeping up with the pace or distance. Depending on your dog’s breed, morphology, physical condition… you must be sure that they’ll be able to handle this kind of sport. So, we recommend you carry dog on bike just in case!