An e cargo bike is one of your best allies in everyday life!

For the past fifteen years or so, and even more so since the pandemic, bicycles but also the e cargo bike have become a popular means of transport.
Partly thanks to government grants, new cycling infrastructures, and simply an overall desire to switch to a greener means of transport.
This is a choice that many people have made, one of which being Laura, mum of 2, living in Asnières-sur-Seine in the suburbs of Paris.

Discover her experience with the U-Cargo Lite !

Using our e cargo bike for commuting or picking your kids up!

Can you introduce yourself ?

“Sure ! I’m actually English but I’ve been living in Asnières-sur-Seine for 6 years but I’ve lived in France for 22 years. I work in the acquisition department for the UK at Wecasa. It’s a home services app where you can book different services such as massages, haircuts, cleaning…
I have a 7 year-old daughter and a 2 year-old son.”

Do you ride your e cargo bike daily ?

“I work in the 18th arrondissement in Paris but I have 2 to 3 days a week of remote work. The days I go to work I ride my bike and it is actually a good route for cycling because it is direct. It takes me about 25 minutes and it isn’t a difficult route. There’s a bicycle lane as well so it is pretty safe.”

What was your initial need?

“I used to have a Momentum e cargo bike. When I had my second kid two years ago, I needed a solution to be able to transport them both at the same time. If I want to go out at the week-end with them, for example.
But also my boyfriend works in Cergy and sometimes doesn’t have time to pick our daughter up because of traffic. He asks me to pick them both up because it’s quicker and easier.”

How did you discover our product ?

“As I had already looked for an e cargo bike on different websites. One day I was redirected onto a U-Cargo landing page. When comparing it to the other options, it won me over !”

U-Cargo perks : why choose this e cargo bike instead of another?

Which version of the U-Cargo do you have?

“Lite Version because the step’n’load and the cabin that comes with the family version wouldn’t fit into my cellar. I asked Flore, AddBike’s Sales Administrator, to give me a list of child seats that fit onto the bike which was very helpful. So I bought child seats to go onto the rear rack along with a bike lock.
I did have to adapt it a little bit by putting little foot stands for my daughter. As we got the Lite version which doesn’t have the protective cabin, my daughter didn’t know where to put her feet.
For the moment I haven’t been out into Paris yet but when I pick them up from school my children like it, they think it’s fun.”

U-Cargo Lite: our very own e cargo bike

What was the deciding factor for U-Cargo?

“There was an offer at the time, I was a little bit concerned that it was a new brand but it had some good reviews. E cargo bikes are not cheap and this one was affordable.
I did a list of comparisons between AmsterdamAir and Rad Power Bikes and the U-Cargo won!”

Can you think of any other advantages?

“At first I liked the Step’N’Load that you could stand on, then I realized that I couldn’t get it into my cellar… But that was ok because I asked if it could be added to the Lite version and Flore very nicely said yes!
I also liked the kickstand which is really easy to use. The wheels are also smaller so I have more stability since I am closer to the ground.
It’s a very easy bike to ride, I’m completely used to it now. I tried it without the kids first but I’m fine with the two of them on, it’s really stable.
For the time being I haven’t had any safety problems so for me it’s a safe bike.”

Do you have any advice for future customers that wish to buy our e cargo bike ?

“First, if you want to buy it with the cabin (the Family version), check that it fits wherever you’ll store it.
If it doesn’t, get the Lite version and put child seats onto the rear rack !
Also, be aware that there’s more maintenance than on a normal bike. It’s being pulled on much more when loaded so there’s much more pressure.
In a nutshell just compare the advantages for the different versions.”

To conclude,

As you probably have noticed, Laura chose the Lite version on which she added a child seat because of the lack of storage space. Which is totally fine!
However, you could also go for the U-Cargo Family. This version will protect your two kids completely. From their feet to their upper back thanks to its rear protective cabin.
The latter has a steel frame with a textile envelope. In addition, there is a door with a zip that can only be opened from the outside.
You can drop your kids off at school safely then go shopping thanks to the switch2carry system that turns the seats into a 110L storage space in no time!

U-Cargo Family: another e cargo bike

Now it’s up to you ! Which version of the U-Cargo would you choose ? 🚲