Want to get around with your doggo? Try the dog carrier bike!

Fed up with the car? Want to change your means of transport? Maybe your dog, just like you, needs to get some fresh air! Cycling (and exercising) with your little (or big) companion is entirely possible! They will be able to ride along with you on daily journeys as well as on your walks, even on mountain bikes. So many opportunities to create amazing memories!

So what are your options? Our favorite way to transport a dog it the dog carrier bike !

Panorama of existing solutions to get around with your animal

Today there are many different product ranges. Of course, you will choose one according to your travelling companion; according to your dog’s size, and according to the module that will be most comfortable and safe.

The bike leash
You may know it as the Dog’Runner, this is a revolutionary product if you like to combine sport and the outdoors. The bicycle leash is similar to a classic leash – it attaches to the bike frame or saddle with velcro-type fasteners. It’s the ideal accessory for medium or large dogs that need to exercise and are well trained for walking, or who are learning to walk with a leash. A gauge allows you to keep a good distance between your pet and the bike to ride safely. You will find various models, at different levels of complexity (for example with a harness, with extendable shock absorbers, etc.) Some variations of this accessory even allow you to mountain bike with your dog! The cons:
  • However, this solution will not be ideal if your dog isn’t ready to run for hours at your side or if they are easily tired.
  • Depending on your country law, you are sometimes not allowed to ride with your dog at your side in cycling lanes. But in many green spaces and country trails, it is entirely possible!
Don’t worry, we are not short of solutions.
Bike baskets
Indeed, you will also be able to find solutions that include bike baskets. Of course, you will be able to find a wide range of this product for transporting dogs, that has been on the market for several years now. It can be placed either on the handlebars or on the luggage rack if your bike has one. As you can imagine, it is suitable for smaller dogs; the maximum load is usually between 7kg/15lbs and 12kg/26lbs. What are its advantages? It can be accessorised:
  • You can add a cushion, for example. This will make your basket very easy to clean (and this is a great argument when it comes to dogs!).
  • You can add accessories to increase safety: a protective shield, a strap for opening and closing…
  • Even handles!
Some baskets are adjustable and can therefore be used without your bicycle. You can find leashes or bike baskets at Trixie, creators of animal accessories.
Transport trailers

The transport trailer is suitable for larger, older or less active dogs. Its loading capacity can go from 20kg/44lbs to 40kg/88lbs loads. Simply attach the trailer to the back of your bike, put your dog in it and there you have it, a dog carrier bike!
Some models are foldable, have safety nets, short leashes (so your dog doesn’t jump out of the trailer), storage pockets, etc.

Dog bike with rear basket equipped of metal shield for extra security

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Dog carrier bike: easy and safe option for transporting your pet

But as you may already know, at AddBike we prefer cargo bikes for transporting dogs. If you still don’t know what a cargo bike is or if you need more information about its models, we’ll explain everything here. And yes, contrary to popular belief, cargo bikes are not just for deliveries or for parents with young children. The cargo market is exploding and so is the creation of solutions! Unlike trailers, the transport box is part of the bike, you can’t remove it. Many solutions for dogs are starting to appear. The quality of some is better than others, complex, safe, there is something for everyone! One of the greatest advantages of these solutions is that they allow you to transport a large dog on board a bike with real comfort. You will find them in classic or electric versions with different functionalities so that your dog can get on and off easily… The cargo solution is a bigger investment but a more adapted and complete solution.You will find :
  • The three-wheeled bike: there are even solutions for transporting your dog and children!
  • And the two-wheeled bike

The Carry’Dog

In fact, the main problem with these products is that they are quite large and sometimes poorly adapted to urban traffic. It is therefore difficult to ride them in the city on a daily basis. It is for these reasons and by listening to your needs that AddBike has developed a product especially for our furry friends: the Carry’Dog module. The AddBike+ replaces the front wheel of your bike and turns it into a compact and dynamic cargo bike. In only a few minutes and in a reversible way! This accessory has been developed in such a way that it fits between your apartment doors as it has a compact width (68cm). Its patented tilting system, allows the wheels to tilt when you take a turn, therefore it is easier and more stable, even when carrying loads! This product has been developed according to two major values that are important to us: safety and comfort.
Some of its characteristics :
  • It is designed for dogs with a height up to 1m20/3.9ft when seated that weigh up to 35kg/77lbs.
  • Has a harness attachment point which allows the dog to be secured properly and avoid it from jumping out of the module while riding.
  • We have added a removable anti-slip mat, the Comfy-Cozy, which is very easy to remove and clean because we know that dogs like to get dirty!
  • We have, of course, included storage pockets to store their toys and accessories.
  • The Rain-Blocker is a removable cover that is waterproof so that you can transport your dog even when its raining.
  • The textile has been chosen specifically for its high quality, UV resistance, and its resistance to moderate rain.
  • We have, of course, integrated side reflectors for greater visibility and therefore safety.
  • It is equipped with Shock-Resist: a rigid metal frame.
  • Your dog will be able to sit or even lie down.
  • AddBike has also developed a foldable water bowl so that you doggo can drink anywhere, anytime!
  • And don’t forget our legally compliant ventilation system so that even when the cover is closed, your dog will still be comfortable!
You’ll see how much dogs love riding at the front of the bike.

Small bonus: Our customers have in fact even tested and approved long rides with their cats!

If you need more advice or have any questions, contact us at contact@addbike.fr or +33478599876. We show you everything in our demonstration video.

However, as its often recommended, cargo bikes do require some time to to get used to riding. And, of course, your dog has to get used to it too.

Everything you need to know before using a dog carrier bike daily

Once you’ve chosen the right equipment for your dog, you’ll have to think about how you want to train it. Your goal: safe travelling!

Basic training is recommended

But don’t worry, this training is quite easy. If you regularly train your dog for lower risk activities, everything will be fine, you don’t even need a guide!


  • First of all you’ll have to train your dog to get in and out of the module (treats will always help).
  • Start riding the bike slowly in a straight line once they are comfortable sitting in the module,
  • Make turns little by little. Practice with “obstacles” so that he is prepared in case.
  • Start going on short adventures.
  • Finally, pedal in everyday life, and off you go!

An exercise that we discovered and that made an impression on us

Train your dog by teaching them their left and right. Put an obstacle in front of them on the left or right. Throw their favourite toy to one side and then to the other. It will then be easier for them to understand directions.

In a nutshell,

Riding with your best friend on your bike is entirely possible. It’s a good way to spend time together during rides or daily journeys. There is something for every taste, size and physical condition
For us, it’s cargo!
And what would you choose?