Bike with front child carrier: ride safely with your loved ones

By riding with a cargo bike you can bring along your kids in complete safety!
Nowadays, there’s a vast choice of models on the market. They differ in size, purpose and price. But overall, the great thing about cargo bicycles is that they can be quite versatile! Give a look to this first, if you’re a complete newbie to the cycling world… it’ll guide you through the main models present in the UK.
There are some critical differences between cargo bikes and knowing which setup suits you best will make your cycling experience easier! Keep reading to discover all about it…

Front cargo bike vs rear cargo bike: what’s the main difference?

🚲 A Long Tail, is a cargo bike that contains space for hauling charges at the back. The back of the bike is slightly longer than a regular bike by 12-16”/30-40 cm which allows enough space to carry two to three children comfortably.

Positive: drives like a classic bike & it’s compact

Negative: reduced vision/control of the back & often only viable for small kids/charges


🚲 A Front Loader, is a cargo bike that presents hauling space at the front. It can come as a spacious wooden box, as a longer metal front or even as an add-on accessory.

Positive: ability to carry bigger charges + great view/control

Negative: can be very bulky, expensive and harder to drive

Bike with front child carrier: schema of the bike types

Bike with front child carrier: the design & add-on accessories

We will mainly focus on the front cargo bike option. If you want to know more about long-tails, give a read to this article! Front cargos are often the favourite cycling system of parents (of pets too!) as they can have great control over the passengers. There are plenty of models available on the market and some of them can even transport up to four kids! The weight being at the front, gets pushed, which provides a nicer handling than pulling the weight from the back. Some riders even say that the extra weight is not perceived when cycling. Front loaders can come in two or three wheeled structures, the first has great manoeuvrability while trikes allow a greater capacity.  

The main types of bike with front child carrier

There are several variations of front carriers on the market to respond to specific needs. We’ll briefly touch onto the three main ones to help you get a general understanding.
  • Long John, ideal for urban cycling & light freight transportation. The center of gravity is low for more dynamic rides. The structure is slim for easy cycling in narrow streets/traffic jams.
  • Trike, spacious and sturdy. Ideal for the transportation of passengers and large charges.
  • Accessory, versatile & compact. Ideal for everyday use in an urban environment. Great option for smaller budgets.
Bike with front child carrier: the bike types

Front cargo bike kit: a versatile solution for everyday people

This concept was developed to respond to the needs of ordinary urban people. The downfall of cargobikes is that they can easily reach high prices and require you to ditch your current bike. That’s when the cargo kit comes in! It resolves these issues by offering a module that can reversibly transform your current bike into a carrier in a few minutes. The accessory is often compatible with most bikes & the price is much more affordable. Nowadays, there are several kits on the market that can upgrade your bicycle into a Long John, a Cycle Truck (larger front rack) or even into a three-wheels bike. Let’s focus on this last one…
Bike with front child carrier: the Kid Kit module

The AddBike+: a versatile & smart front cargo bike kit

As mentioned above, this kit works exactly like a regular cargo add-on. It replaces the front wheel of your bike and reversibly turns it into a three wheeled bike in five minutes. So what’s special about this product?

The AddBike+ is very compact & dynamic!
Contrary to other trikes made for improved stability, this accessory will keep the bike agile & fluid. That’s thanks to the tilting wheel system that makes the wheels incline sideways during turns. It’s important to mention that turning might be challenging at first but with a little practice it will come naturally. The module is compact to perfectly adapt to city cycling in narrow and busy roads.

The AddBike+ is ideal for transportation of larger freights. Three kits upgrade the base into a specific carrier according to the needs of each people:

👶 The Kid Kit, for the transportation of a child of minimum 2 years old

🐶 The Dog Kit, for transporting pets up to 35kg / 77Ibs

💌 The Box Kit, for heavy loads up to 35kg /77Ibs (110 litres)

Bike with front child carrier: the addBike+ modules

If you’re thinking about entering the cargo biking world but keeping it versatile and affordable, a front cargo bike kit might be the perfect choice for you! If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to be advised by our team of bike specialists. 


Happy cycling!