Using a longtail bicycle in your day to day life is an asset

Cargo bikes are appearing more and more in our cities, whether to transport goods, people or even entire families. Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, there has been a need to get around while remaining socially distanced from other people. Bikes have been a great way to do so. Cargo bike popularity is also booming across the UK thanks to the government investing in cycling infrastructure. But also the availability of more loans and grants for bike purchasing.
Many types exist, e-bikes, three-wheelers or even the longtail bicycle.
People who have taken the plunge and bought one of these do not regret their purchase. The cargo bike easily replaces a car for daily journeys in urban or even extra-urban environments.

Not convinced yet? We understand, you might be lost among all of these types of cargo bikes and don’t know which one to choose. If this is the case, you should check out our articles about electric cargo bikes, tricycles and e-trikes.
But today, we are going to help you a bit more by explaining what a longtail bicycle is and what its advantages are!

Longtail bicycle: definition, use, everything you should know

The longtail bicycle, by definition, is just like a normal bike. It has two wheels but has a longer tail which means that it is extended at the back. Many different versions of this cargo bike exist to suit everyone’s needs:

  • To transport children: on a longtail bicycle you can either have a rack at the back where you can fit your own child seats. Or, in some cases like on AddBike’s U-Cargo Family there are already seats and a cabin to protect your children. This way you can take your children to school and then go to work!
  • To transport loads: just like to transport children, you can have a rack at the back where you can attach whatever you want (baggage, shopping…). There are also some versions that have a box at the back to allow you to put what you want in it.
  • Electric version: all of these versions can usually also be electric which means you can carry heavy loads or several children without even feeling the difference! According to CycleIndustry, e-bike sales have increased by 20% in 2019 in Europe which means that around 3 million e-cargo bikes were sold. The sales are most likely to increase more and more especially with the increase of the cycling trend and Covid-19.
Long tail cargo bike with children : U-Cargo

Whatever type of longtail bicycle you choose, the most important thing is to transport loads and/or children between the weight limits and to keep a good overview on the road.

Advantages of using a long tail cargo bike in your everyday life

As you can imagine, there are many advantages in using a longtail bicycle, here are some of them.
The two-wheeler itself is a bike that is easy to handle and very quick to get used to. 10 to 15 minutes is enough. Comfortable, it allows you to move around easily and quickly.
You can carry practically anything you want !
If we add an electric motor, driving is made easier and loaded starts are no longer a problem.

As the longtail bicycle is no larger than a normal bike it also has every benefit bikes have.

Cycling is fast:

In urban areas, the bicycle is the fastest means of transport. Traffic jams often limit car and public transportation speed. Cyclists don’t get stuck so they can easily reach the average speed of a motor vehicle. Which means you can get to work or meeting place at the same time as if you had taken your car or public transport.

Parking is easy:

You do not have to turn around for long minutes to find a parking space. You just have to use a bike lock or take it inside (be careful, a longtail bicycle is still longer than a bike so you need to take this into account).

Cycling saves money:

With a bike, there is no need to fill gas up, no taxes or insurance, few maintenance or repair costs, no expensive parking… Even though buying a bike is an investment, it will always be cheaper than a car.

Cycling is good for your health:

Riding a bike, electric or not, allows you to exercise while you travel, and for free! And everyone knows that exercising is great for your health.

Cycling is freedom:

Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, the bicycle allows everyone to be autonomous, not to depend on someone else to get around. With a bicycle, everyone can go where they want, when they want, day or night.

Cycling is good for the environment:

No greenhouse gas emissions, no micro-particles or toxic fumes, no noise. Cycling calms the city and improves everyone’s quality of life.

Cycling is about discovery:

By varying your routes you can discover (or rediscover) your neighbourhood, your town or the urban area and its inhabitants. You can easily access monuments, parks, as well as cultural or sporting events.

An example of a practical longtail bicycle: AddBike’s U-Cargo

The U-Cargo is actually a midtail bike, it is exactly the same as a longtail bicycle but a bit shorter so it’s even more practical!

U-cargo family: the perfect long tail cargo bike

It was designed to be the perfect answer for families’ daily needs and environmental concerns. This means you can move around with your children and your belongings in complete safety.
To do so, there is a protective cabin at the rear of the midtail. It has a metal frame covered in textile, that protects children (feet, knees and lower-back) at 360°.
The door can only be opened from the outside, so children cannot get out in the middle of a journey. And when they do need to get out, there is a wooden platform that makes it very easy for them to get down on their own.
Another important feature is the Switch2Carry. This was added to the U-Cargo in order to make it quick and easy to turn the children’s seat into a large 110L/80kg storage space. Parents can drop their children off at school, go to work and do their shopping with the same cargo bike, making their daily commute even easier! The U-Cargo is a very versatile longtail bicycle!

You may think that 80 kg is very heavy to transport on a bike… don’t worry there is electric assistance ! Indeed, it has a powerful and reliable pedal motor and a 65 km range battery which makes transporting children or loads a breeze!

Now that you have all the information on the longtail bicycle, the ball is in your court! Why not buy one of your own?