Frame bike lock

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The Abus Shield XPlus 5755L NR frame lock is easily activated, convenient and very reliable: it is ideal for those short stops!
Simply install it on your bike’s fork and activate it to block the front wheel’s rotation and thus deter thieves.
The 8.5mm thick case-hardened steel frame and reinforced lock make it resistant to sawing, twisting or drilling.

With the optional Plug-In chain, you can maximise your bike’s protection: attach it to the bike lock and simply loop the chain around a piece of street furniture then loop the shackle back through the lock.

This wheel lock has a 9/15 Abus security rating, so it is suitable for short stops. However, for longer stops, it is essential to combine this lock with a main U-lock or folding lock.

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Check out the Abus Pro Shield frame lock’s technical features

Type of lock: Frame

Security index: Abus rating 9/15

Lock: Key

Anti-theft alarm: No

Weight: 570 g

Diameter: 8,5 mm

Material: Case hardened steel

Placement: On the fork

Origin: Made in Germany

Colour: Black

Warranty: 2 years

Compatibility: Refer to the diagram at the top of the page

Discover the Abus Plug-In chain lock’s technical features!

Type of lock: Chain

Alarm system: No

Weight: 760 g

Dimensions: 85 cm (length), 6/8 mm (link thickness)

Usage: All bikes

Material: Case hardened steel

Placement: On the frame lock

Warranty: 2 years

Origin: Made in Germany

Compatibility: Abus 4650, 4750, 4960, 5850, 5650, 5750, 5755L and 5950 frame locks

All the details on the Abus frame lock and chain lock

  • The frame lock is very practical and can be activated quickly: perfect for your quick trips;
  • The shackle, housing and some locking elements are made of special case-hardened steel, which makes it very strong;
  • The ABUS XPlus cylinder offers very effective protection against tampering;
  • A Plug In chain lock can easily be added for extra security;
  • The Abus Plug-In chain lock measures 85 cm. The chain is made of hardened steel links, 6/8 mm thick and square in shape. The chain is wrapped in a highly abrasion-resistant cover.

Operation and use of this dual anti-theft system

  • The wheel lock is permanently attached to the bike and locks the wheel when activated;
  • We strongly recommend using a second lock to secure the bike to a fixed point: by adding the Plug-In chain lock to the wheel lock, you provide double security for your bike;
  • For longer stops, a folding lock is recommended.


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