Why is a 3 wheel bike a better option than a normal 2 wheel bike?

Before talking about the 3 wheel bike itself: Cycling is simply great for your health!

It has, among other things, positive effects on the psyche, the brain, and the heart. These positive health effects should not be underestimated, and it is therefore important to choose a bike that you enjoy using in everyday life!

Buying a good bike is also good for your wallet. It means daily and long-term savings: especially if you replace daily car journeys with cycling. You also save a lot of time: no more waiting in traffic and wasting valuable time and nerves.

A 3 wheel bike has all of these perks and many more. Let’s have a look!

Advantages a 3 wheel bike has that a normal bike doesn’t have!

As mentioned above, there are additional perks to a 3 wheel bike that normal 2 wheel bikes don’t have.


A 3 wheel bike is stable
A 3 wheel bike is comfortable
The first one is stability. When riding a 3 wheel bike you don’t have to have good balance like when riding a bicycle. The three wheels allow the bike to be more stable which means you can maintain your balance much better: you can ride and get on and off it without worrying about falling! Even on hazardous roads, when you cross a wet street, ride on gravel surface, etc.
Besides, it is safe to say that many bike saddles aren’t too comfortable… However, a 3 wheel bike usually has a seat that is! The three wheels allow the bike to have a seat rather than a saddle which also helps stability, reduces pain, pressure and discomfort that can happen while riding a bike.
Ride a 3 wheel bike at your own speed
A 3 wheel bike is easy to ride
Thus, thanks to the third wheel on the tricycle and the seat, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your speed when riding up a steep hill. Its stability allows you to avoid tipping over and hurting yourself. Unlike a normal bike, you can ride up a hill as slowly as you need!
If you are a beginner or aren’t used to riding a bike you probably aren’t bothered with your performance and just want to enjoy cycling. However, riding in a city can be quite difficult, you have to be aware of a million things: cars, taxis, buses, other bikes, signs, but also keeping a good balance. This can cause a lot of anxiety! That’s why a 3 wheel bike is a great solution for you: all you have to do is enjoy the scenery, while still keeping an eye on what is going on around you, and get to your destination without being overly tired or in pain!
To sum up everything, a 3 wheel bike is a perfect option for people who just want to have fun and enjoy cycling without thinking about their performance! Beginner, expert, adult, teen, tricycles can be an option for everyone! There are many types of tricycles and it is not always easy to know which one to choose, that’s why we have created a little guide!

3 wheel bike: types you should choose according to your needs

As we said above, a 3 wheel bike can be a great option for everyone. But which ones are there and for who?

For all ages:

the classic tricycle
First, we can talk about the type that probably appears in your mind when we say “3 wheel bike”: the classic tricycle. The classic tricycle has two rear wheels and offers all the qualities listed above: stability, safety, comfort… It is suitable for all ages. If you are looking for stability while still staying fit and in control this is the type to choose! 

There is also the electric tricycle. Almost every tricycle model can now have an electric drive that allows you to reach 15.5mph or 25 km/h (according to the EU regulations on e-bikes). Electric tricycles are proven to be beneficial for cyclists of all ages. Bumpy or damaged roads can be tackled much more easily even if they are slightly uphill, if it’s windy or if you need to start quickly.

However, you still need to consider that an e-trike is more expensive than a trike so you will have to think about how much you will use it and on what types of roads you will ride before choosing an electric 3 wheel bike.

For seniors, choosing a suitable bicycle is particularly important and so, a 3 wheel bike can be a good solution. Often, muscle strength is not at its best and/or you have difficulties keeping your balance. Nowadays, brands offer special seat equipment that ensures a safe and comfortable experience. The adjustable seat with a forward pedalling system allows you to easily ride without over-straining or pulling a muscle.

A recumbent 3 wheel bike could also be a good option if you have muscular problems because it reduces arm and shoulder pressure as it is closer to the ground.

And if you still think that you’ll struggle, you can always go for an electric tricycle! Check the different types you can choose from and why here !

For adults:

Many different types of adult tricycles exist and all of them can also be electric! Depending on your size, you can choose a bigger or smaller bike with a suitable saddle to easily get on and off. An alternative to a normal tricycle is a tricycle with two front wheels. On this type of tricycle you will have a better overview of the width because you see the larger part of the bike at the front, partly because of the high saddle which ensures an upright position. You can therefore take turns easily! In this case, you can easily carry loads such as your dog or your children, we’ll show you how this is possible in a moment. The only drawback is that you probably won’t have the same comfort as on a normal 3 wheel bike with two rear wheels because as said before, they often have saddles. Folding trikes, as its name suggests, have a folding frame which makes it easier to store or travel with. This type is ideal for people that live in small apartments and don’t have enough room to store their bike. If you want a bike that is very comfortable but you still want to go very fast, the recumbent tricycle is the best option. It allows you to ride in a semi-reclined position which is very comfortable and reduces straining. Thanks to this aerodynamic profile you can ride very fast! The only drawback is that it is much lower than a normal bike so you have less visibility, you need to be capable of paying attention to everything that is happening around you.

For people with learning, physical or sensory impairments:

Tricycles are made for everyone and that includes people with learning, physical or sensory impairments. The Dutch company Van Raam, the German manufacturer Pfautec and Benur from France have designed special models with several options for people with physical disabilities: some of them can even be ridden by two people! There is also a British company called Tomcat, twice Queen’s Award Winner manufacturer of disability trikes. This supplier has created and engineered solutions to help children and adults safely explore the world outside, no matter their challenges. They offer child, teen, and adult trikes that all adapt to your needs, such as supervision, propulsion, trailers, easy access… According to the Tricycle Association, riders with a wide range of disabilities and difficulties have found that a tricycle has given them greatly increased mobility and independence!

AddBike+: having a 3 wheel bike doesn’t have to be expensive

Another 3 wheel bike option exists for people who want to keep their beloved bike but want to carry a child, a dog, or other loads. What if we told you that you could just replace your bike’s front wheel with a frame to transform it into a cargo bike? Believe it or not, this is possible thanks to the AddBike+. This is a less expensive way to make a 3 wheel bike out of an ordinary bicycle without having to part with your bike. This reversible system can be adapted to almost any bike on the market, including electric bikes (if the motor is not on the front wheel!) and it is designed for carrying different types of loads for everyday travels rides in urban environment thanks to its wind, sun and rain resistant fabric. Cool, isn’t it? You can choose different kits depending on what you want to carry:

The Carry’Box Kid

This module allows you to transport a child up to 3.30 ft/1.20 m tall. The steel frame provides protection, it is an ideal solution for parents with their child who travel daily by bike and also like to be able to keep an eye on their child without having to turn around to do so.

You can even add a child seat to the back of the 3 wheel bike if you need to carry an extra child!

The Carry’Dog Never travel without your furry friend again!  The module is suitable for dogs up to 3.30 ft/1,20m sitting down or 77 lbs/35 kg. There are side reflectors and other great features like the built-in leash, the foldable bowl, a pocket for its toys… This way you can go on an incredible adventure with your doggo!
The Carry’Box The Carry’Box, was designed to make it easier for you to transport any type of load: shopping, personal belongings, or professional loads. The box can be assembled on the AddBike+ thanks to its metal structure and its textile cover. The resulting carrier can hold a volume of up to up to 110 litres or 77 lbs/35 kg. This module is the largest of the three modules created by AddBike, which makes it the ideal solution for bulky loads.
Do more with your bike
All the brands listed above offer test rides for their products, so if you still don’t know what type to choose, go and try them out!