Tricycles for adults: 5 things you should look for before buying

By adding an extra wheel, tricycles for adults can be adapted to suit riders with a wide range of needs starting from better weight handling to mobility issues. That’s why it’s crucial to know if the features in the bike you’re looking at, actually match with your requirements. Not too sure where to start? We’ve got you covered…

1. Pick the right structure and size of your three-wheels bike

A quite obvious but important factor into choosing the perfect bike, is getting the sizing & structure right! This will ensure pleasant riding- and that’s a big deal!

Common problems of riding the wrong bike can be: body pain, excessive fatigue and pedalling difficulties.

The size depends on your height and weight, while the structure is influenced by your riding style.

  • For example, for someone used to riding traditional bicycles a front trike might be more suitable. The double front wheel can offer similar manoeuvrability when built with a tilting system (slants sideways when turning).  If this is your case, a system like the AddBike+ could probably be your perfect match! We’ll talk about it more in depth in just a few sections.
  • On the other hand, if you’re just starting out with bicycles- a traditional tricycle (two wheels behind and one at the front, with a high seating position) will be the best option for you. It’ll feel safer and more stable than riding a classic bike, to the point that it’s also suitable for riders with impaired mobility and with balance problems just to name a few.

Here you can consult a table of the bike sizing guidelines to figure out your measurements. Your height defines the wheel’s radius. This is a general version, please refer to each brand’s individual guidelines before purchasing.

By adding an extra wheel, trikes can be adapted to suit riders with a wide range of needs starting from better weight handling to mobility issues. That’s why it’s crucial to know if the features in the bike you’re looking at, actually match with your requirements. Not too sure where to start? We’ve got you covered…

Tricycles for adults size chart

2. Find tricycles for adults that can match with your lifestyle

Now that you know what sizing and what structure you’re looking for, let’s dive deeper into models.

Whether you’ve chosen a front or a rear trike, there are plenty more details you need to take in consideration before committing to a specific model. For example, what type of frequency do you plan on using your trike?

  • Everyday use & all-year round, if possible, you should invest in high quality bikes made from sturdy and durable materials & with an excellent driving experience.
  • For leisure, you should look into cheaper options like tricycle accessories that can reversibly transform your current bike into a trike.

 3. Where are you going to ride around with your three wheel bike?

The landscape, inclination and terrain state greatly dictate some of the main characteristics of a bike.

For regular urban cycling, it’s advisable to look into the classic commuter bike designed for frequent and moderate paced rides in a relatively flat landscape. While for sportive urban rides, you should opt for a trike with similar features to a racing bike: road tyres and light frame for great adherence and speed.

For non-urban biking with mixed terrains and hilly landscape, it’s more appropriate to look for bikes with larger wheels and off-road tyres. Another detail to consider is the number of gears; the greater the better the bike can adapt to road inclination and allow faster riding with less overall fatigue.

    4. Electric assistance, yey or nay? Things to know about e-bikes

    Tricycles for adults can also come with electric assistance, this means that the bike is not powered by pedalling like classic ones but from an electric motor. This is a great choice if you’re planning on using your bicycle regularly and if the area is quite hilly. 

    E-Bikes generally work with throttle assistance or pedal assistance. The last one provides power only when pedalling (duh?!) while the throttle assistance gets activated on demand. If you’re on a budget you should opt for a pedal assistance as it consumes way less & the prices are generally cheaper.

    The downside of an electric tricycle is that obviously it increases the price of the bike. These types of systems are often expensive and will require a bigger budget.

    If you want to know more about electric powered trikes, give a read to our more-in-depth guide.

    5. Load capacity: who & what are you planning on transporting?

    Tricycles are not just great for more comfortable rides, they can also carry important weights more effectively.

    By centering the freights in between two wheels, the passengers/charges are transported with ease. This is a great option for riders who struggle with balance, especially when the bicycle is charged.

    The B-Back, is an accessory that upgrades your current bike by adding two wheels at the back. This is the perfect solution for people looking for extra stability and extra charging space!

    You can simply mount it on your current one or invest in your dream bike for a fresh start. An economical, compact and practical solution- easy to use and store on a daily basis or when travelling!

    The installation of the accessory is pretty manageable if you know how to change a wheel, install the brakes and change the cassette. Or you can simply let all the hard work be done by approved partners. This model is also compatible with several accessories for the transportation of medium weights or pets.

    Opposite system to the B-Back: the AddBike+

    similarly transforms any bike into a tricycle for adults by adding two front wheels. The key difference is that the AddBike+ is designed to carry weights without losing the dynamics of regular rides. With the AddBike+ the driving is fluid because the wheels tilt sideways during turns; while this is awesome for experienced riders, it’s definitely not suitable for people with stability issues or just starting out with bikes.

    The AddBike+ comes with three different modules to perfectly adapt to your needs:

    • The Kid Kit for the transportations of a toddler/kid up to 1.20 m or 35 kg/77 Ibs
    • Box Kit, for the transportation of freights up to 110 litres for 35 kg/77Ibs
    • The Dog Kit, for the transportation of pets up to 33 kg/73 Ibs
    Tricycle for adult: dad riding with two kids a front trike

    To conclude, we hope that our guide has helped you figure out a little better your needs and what to look for in your future bike. There are plenty of options on the market and knowing which bicycle fits you best is key for a long and happy usage. Tricycles for adults can significantly improve your daily mobility so it’s fair to invest time and money into finding the right match for you.


    Happy cycling!