Bike carry kids:

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A cargo bike to transport your child

The cargo bike used to be a common vehicule to transport goods but it was quickly replaced by cars. Nowadays, the cargo bike is once again becoming a fashionable vehicule for people looking for an economical and ecological means of transport for short distances in the city. There are many families and parents among cargo bike riders. Indeed, this type of transportation is extremely healthy and convenient even for transporting children. The AddBike team imagined and designed the ideal cargo bike, the U-Cargo, for families as well as an AddBike + conversion kit designed to transport a child. Whether you want to go for a weekend ride with your family, take your child to the nursery, school or park, take your toddlers to extracurricular activities or simply go shopping, you will love your new cargo bike and your young children will too!

Learn more about our Carry’Box Kid to transport your children on a cargo bike!

Kit-Kid_Balade à velo cargo avec un enfant
Kit-Kid_Transporter son enfant facilement à velo cargo
Kit Kid_un vélo cargo pour transporter son enfant


Bike carry kids: Why choose a cargo bike for your family?


In often congested urban areas, every journey is a source of stress, so, bicycles are a great alternative. All the more so as bike infrastructures, and in particular cycling paths, are increasingly making family cycling safer. It is not uncommon for your journey to be much shorter by cargo bike than by car thanks to certain bike lanes. Cargo bikes are above all the freedom to move around in peace for both parents and their children. In France, 40% of daily car journeys are less than 2 km/1.2 miles long. Finally, you avoid stress, save time on your journey and parking, but also fuel and therefore money!

The other advantage of the cargo bike is its carbon footprint… which is close to zero! Using your car for short distances and in the city consumes a lot of gas and produces significant CO2 emissions. The cargo bike alternative for the whole family reduces your environmental impact, especially for active families who make a lot of short trips by car. This means of  transport is an excellent way to raise your children’s environment awareness and live a more sustainable lifestyle, but also to give them a taste of cycling.

Another advantage is that the purchase of a cargo bike is very economical compared to that of a car or a motorbike, especially as a number of public authorities encourage this means of transport with financial aid.


Your child’s safety comes first!

The cargo bike provides the safety that parents expect from a bike. AddBike offers solid, reliable and laboratory-tested products. For experienced cyclists looking for a little more capacity: the AddBike + is what you need! For cyclists looking for the feeling of a normal bike but with a bigger loading capacity the U-Cargo is for you!