Bike carry kids:
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Bike carry kids: a cargo bike is perfect to transport your child

Bike carry kids: what is it? First you need to know that the cargo bike used to be a common vehicule to transport goods but it was quickly replaced by cars. Nowadays, the cargo bike is once again becoming a fashionable vehicule. Especially for people looking for an economical and ecological means of transport in the city. There are many families and parents among cargo bike riders. Indeed, this type of transportation is extremely healthy and convenient even for transporting children. Whether you want to go for a weekend ride with your family, take your child to the nursery, school or park, take your toddlers to extracurricular activities or simply go shopping, you will love your new cargo bike and your young children will too!

Learn more about our Carry’Box Kid to transport your children on a cargo bike!

Bike carry kids with the Kid Kit
Bike carry kids with dad and children
Bike carry kids with a U-Cargo

Bike carry kids: having the right model for the whole family

In the often congested urban areas where every journey seems to be a source of stress, cycling is becoming more and more common. This is especially true since urban infrastructures, and particularly cycle paths, are making it increasingly safe for the whole family to travel by bike. It is not unusual for your journey to be much shorter by cargo bike than by car. In Europe, workers spend at least 90 minutes in the car when commuting! The cargo bike is above all the freedom of being able to travel in complete peace of mind for both parents and children.  In short, you save stress and time, but also petrol and therefore money!

The other advantage of the cargo bike, is its carbon footprint… which is close to zero! Using your car for short distances and in the city consumes a lot of petrol and produces significant CO2 emissions. Bike carry kids reduces the environmental impact. Especially for active families who used to make a lot of short trips by car. It is an excellent way to make your children aware of environmental issues and a more sustainable way of life. And to show them the benefits of cycling.

Another advantage is that the purchase of a cargo bike is very economical compared to that of a car or motorbike. Especially since a number of public authorities encourage buing bicycles by giving aid.

The cargo bike is the safest option for parents. AddBike offers solid, reliable and lab-tested products.

  • For experienced cyclists looking for a little more storage and new sensations: the AddBike + will suit your needs!
  • For cyclists looking for the feeling of a normal bike but with a larger load capacity the U-Cargo is for you!

Bike carry kids: a safe and secure cargo bike for children!

You have a bike? Turn it into a scooter with our Kid Kit

The Kid Kit has been designed to make it easier to ride a bike with a child, without having to buy a new bike. Replace the front wheel of your own bike with our Kid Kit. Journeys will be made in complete safety with maximum comfort for you and your child. The tilting system will keep your child upright at all times, even when cornering!

Adding this module is reversible. You can put it on and take it off in a few minutes, according to your needs. You can also easily put it away. It is even covered with a water and wind proof textile! Designed for a child weighing a maximum of 35kg/73 lbs or measuring up to 1.20m/3’9″ (i.e. 6 years old), it will allow you to switch to a cargo bike at a lower cost.

Do you prefer a family electric bike? The U-Cargo is for you!

The U-Cargo electric cargo bike has been designed for everyday mobility. Its “Family” version, ideal for transporting 2 children, has a real cabin at the back made of a steel frame for optimal protection. Covered with a wind and waterproof textile, it protects them from their feet to their lower-back. The door can only be opened from the outside. To benefit from more storage space, you can transform the children’s seat into a 100L space in a few steps. It is therefore practical for shopping after dropping your children off at school, without having to go back home!

The electric assistance also makes it easy to start, even on a hill or when loaded. With a 90 km lifespan (which can be doubled with a second battery), the U-Cargo is an ally for travelling with children. Both on a daily basis, for home/school/work/shopping trips, but also for weekends or holidays, for nice family rides.

Bike carry child : dad and kids