E bike commuter: ones to choose for this year and a few tips!

Are you tired of taking the car or public transportation and want to get around in a different way? Have you thought about buying an e bike commuter for this year? But what does commuting by bike mean? It’s simply choosing to travel between your home and work on a bike. Getting some fresh air, avoiding traffic jams, getting some exercise in before work while doing something good for the environment…. A big yes for cycling!

Moreover, you are not the only one to ask this question or to have already taken the leap: for several years now, cycling has been making a great comeback in Europe. Thanks to this boom in cycling, there are a lot of choices available and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish all of these choices.

We’re here to give you all of the information you need to get yourself ready to take on a new habit for this year!

First you need to do two things that are very important when buying a bike:

  • Determine your needs (going to work, doing sports, carrying errands, carrying your kids…)
  • Definine your daily itinerary (steep paths, climbs, cycle tracks…)

Which e bike commuter is the handiest for moving around daily?

AddBike+: convert your bike into a cargo bike


The AddBike+ is a quick, easy and reversible way to turn your bike into a compact urban cargo bike. As mentioned, you simply replace your front wheel with the AddBike+.
This gives you the perfect three-wheeler for everyday use and for transporting loads.
You can use the AddBike+ on its own, adding loads directly on the seat, or add a module dedicated to transporting children, dogs or bulky loads, as detailed below.

And, if you have an electric bike it works exactly the same and you end up with an e bike commuter!

Price: 1 000€

E bike commuter: the AddBike+

Avantages :

  • Easy and reversible installation,
  • Universal system: it is compatible with almost every bike model available on the market and can even be fitted onto an electric bike (if the motor isn’t located on the front wheel)! So you don’t need to buy a complete cargo bike and you also save a lot of storage space,
  • Optimized ride: Thanks to the patented Curve-Assist pendulum system, the wheels tilt during turns. This means you can carry loads while keeping the smoothness of a normal bike,
  • Integrated parking function: The AddBike+ has a locking lever that keeps it stable when stationary,
  • Quick learning phase: the tilting of the wheels can be adjusted to help learning.

Please note: Although the Curve-Assist system is a huge advantage for smooth riding, it is not recommended for people who are looking for stability!

Kit Kit: take your kid to school then go to work!


Attach the Carry’Box Kid module to the AddBike+ and turn your bike into a family cargo bike!
This module was designed for all parents who want to make cycling a daily means of transport. You can transport your child from the age of 2 years and up to 1.20m or 35kg in complete safety and comfort.
If you have two children, you can perfectly fit one in the kid kit and one on a child seat behind you.

If you have an electric bike, no worries! It’s exactly the same and you’ll have an e bike commuter.

Price: 1 000€

E bike commuter: Kid Kit

Avantages :

The Kit Kit has the same advantages as the AddBike+, and many more!
Indeed, it has some additional features for maximum safety and comfort:

  • Rigid metal frame,
  • UV and moderate rain resistant cover,
  • Reflective strips on the sides,
  • Safety belt for children,
  • Suspended seat with a hammock for more comfort.

Box Kit: you can even go shopping after work!

Description :

In just a few minutes you can turn your classic bike into a cargo bike with the Box Kit! Just like the other modules, it is simply attached to the AddBike+. This module was designed to help you transport up to 110 litres or 35 kg of cargo: shopping, work gear, gardening tools, musical instruments… anything is possible! So you can ride for miles with your stuff without losing the bike’s dynamism!

Once again, if you have an electric bike you’ll be able to turn it into an e bike commuter!

Price : 1 090€

E bike commuter: Box Kit

Avantages :

It also has many features in addition to those of the AddBike+:

  • Rigid metal frame,
  • UV and moderate rain resistant cover,
  • Reflective strips on the sides,
  • Lid that you can close to secure your loads,
  • Large white area that can be personalised with stickers.

U-Cargo: a super safe electric cargo bike!

Description :

There are two versions of the U-Cargo

The U-Cargo Lite:

This e bike commuter is not much longer than a standard bike. It has a large rear rack on which you can load up to 80kg/76lbs of anything you want. You can add your own child seats to the rack but we do recommend you go for the Family version if your goal is to carry your kids because it is much safer.

The U-Cargo Family: 

This version is just like the Lite version but safer for children! Indeed, instead of the rear rack, you have a steel frame cabin covered by waterproof textile.

Price : from 4 350€

bike long-tail Family white U-Cargo Family for the family

Avantages :

The two U-Cargo versions have many advantages including:

  • Easy-Start: simple manual lever on the handlebars that allows you to start the motor without pedaling
  • Fit-Me: adjustable handlebars and saddle but also a special frame that suits any body type

The U-Cargo family has additionnal features:

  • A removable front rack
  • Protech’360: shockproof cabin with steel frame and UV resistant and waterproof textile
  • Switch2Carry: system that turns the child seats into a storage space
  • Step’N’Load: footboards that can also be used as cargo space (110L)
There are second-hand bikes at repair shops that restore discarded bikes. For example, AddBike works alongside the Ateliers de l’Audace, a bicycle repair shop that promotes professional reintegration through cycling.

Some important things you need to know about an e bike commuter

Finding an e bike commuter in the right size is a must: And yes, although you can adjust the saddle, bike frames come in sizes: S, M, L, XL… Why? If a bike is too small, the seat becomes uncomfortable very quickly and pedalling becomes much less efficient. If a bike is too big, it is very difficult to start or stop while keeping your balance. A quick tip: while sitting on the saddle, check if the soles of your feet touch the ground. Then, put your foot on the pedall at its lowest point. If you feet touch the ground and your leg isn’t fully extended while on the pedall: it’s the right size! The handlebar adjustment can also be changed to help you find the optimal position. Choosing the right wheels: it’s not the most obvious aspect, but it’s very important! So small or big wheels? This will depend on your size (for smaller sizes, 600 or 650mm wheels are better, but hard to find on a city bike) but the real factor to know is that the bigger the wheel is, the less likely it is to skid. On the other hand, small wheels will be easier to handle and stronger. And the frame: aluminium or steel? Aluminium frames have the advantage of being lighter and less prone to rust, but less rigid and more difficult to repair (so, more suitable for leisure or city bikes). Steel frames, on the other hand, absorb shock better, age well and can be more comfortable. However, they are less flexible. Weight: Having a bike in the city also means being able to carry it up stairs, lift it through doors, hang it high up in the train etc… The weight of your bike is therefore a significant argument to check during its tests.

E bike commuter: choosing the right accessories for a safe ride

Many accessories are available for the safety or comfort of your e bike commuter and your passengers, whether they are more or less indispensable, here are our tips and some UK regulations.

  • The helmet isn’t a must in the UK even though it is still highly recommended. In some countries like in Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Canada, wearing a helmet is mandatory.
  • Being seen: reflectors on your bike are mandatory. You should have at a minimum four amber pedall reflectors and one red rear reflector.
    If you ever find yourself riding in the dark, at night time or in tunnels, you must have position lights and they must be turned on. You should have a white one a the front and a red one at the back.
  • Being heard: bike bells are not mandatory in the UK but they are strongly recommended.
  • Remember to choose a comfortable seat (wide and padded saddle for example) and a raised handlebar that allows you to ride upright so as not to make your daily journeys unpleasant.
  • Secure your bike: find a regular parking spot. You can choose a chain, U-lock or folding lock, in classic size (23 cm for a U, 75 cm for a folding) or large size (30 cm for a U, up to 120 cm for a folding) depending on your needs.
    Make sure to not leave anything important in the bike if you have a cargo bike!
Electric commuter bike accessories
To conclude, 

Cycling is good for your health and the planet, and there are options that will avoid you breaking the bank. It also means avoiding the stress of crowded transport, social distancing and traffic jams while arriving at work stimulated, because yes, cycling is a big boost to morale and concentration! 

We only have one thing to say: go for green mobility and choose an electric communter bike!