Family electric bike: plans & useful advices for summer biking

Thinking about going on a biking holiday with your family but you’re not too sure where? Keep reading to get inspired by our top itineraries for this summer!

Taking a vacation is always a fun and exciting time. It’s also easy to feel quite indecisive on where to enjoy the time off work. It can be quite challenging to find your right travel destination for you and your family, so keep tuned for some sweet tips from our team of bike experts (and lovers!)

If you’re thinking about a cycling vacation that is adapted to all ages and skills, we have put together a list right for you. Keep reading to discover our “coup de cœurs”…

Things to keep in mind while taking a bike vacation with kids

To ensure a comfortable experience for everyone, a family electric bike might be the best choice. Adding an electric assistance can be essential if you have few kids. A large loading space will allow you to bring all the essential things you need plus enough space for your kids to be comfy. 

As we mentioned in this article, organising your trip is quite essential when travelling with kids. If you want to have a quick but detailed rundown, this beginners’ guide is what you need.

Also something to keep in mind, you should always check the bike & road rules of the country you’ll visit and choose your arrangements accordingly. 

Now, let’s dive…cycle into it!

Map of where to go on holiday

Poland: discover the hidden gem of Europe by bike this summer

Poland may not be an obvious holiday destination but it’s a country with a lot to offer. It’s an excellent destination for cycle tourism and it’s one of the top five destinations in Europe for biking adventures! 

This country is very committed to providing great cycle infrastructures both in the city and in the countryside, with paved cycling lanes and an extensive network of cycling routes.

Additionally you’ll never get bored of Poland. There are 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from national parks to mediaeval towns, you’ll be stunned by its breathtaking views!

You’ll be surprised to know that Poland is very friendly to families. There are many kid-friendly activities that you can enjoy with the entire family. If you’ve got some extra time on hand: you could dig gold at the mines or you could spend a fun afternoon at a water park… and there are plenty more! 

Also, Poles are known to be kind and friendly to tourists, so if you’re ever in doubt don’t hesitate to ask the locals!

Family electric bike: woman cycling in Pieniny Mountains in Poland

View in Pieniny Mountains, Poland

Top cycling itinerary in Poland to don’t miss out on

Poland’s breathtaking landscapes are even better when enjoyed by bike:

Cycle through the land of 3000 lakes, Masuria National Park is one of the last untouched natural sites of Europe. Masuria is considered the most beautiful place of Poland. 


Family electric bike: Masuria bike trail

Masuria cycling trail in Poland by Eurobike 

You want a chill experience: The Piska Forest Route, a trail that crosses through the lush forest of Masuria and a few of the impressive lakes… don’t forget to bring a picnic!

You want a sporty experience: The Cycle Tour of Masuria, starting from the capital to Sensburg, you’ll bikepack through the heart of Masuria during nine days.   

If you swing by Warszawa, our bike dealer HSE Company, will be glad to guide you through finding the right solution for you. You can test our products on the spot and maybe find the perfect match for your polish vacation. While you’re there, feel free to ask for a few tips from locals.

Germany: cycle along picturesque landscapes with your family

Vast natural landscapes, a country rich in history, culture and variety: Germany is everyone’s cup of tea!

How could we not talk about Germany, a pillar country of Europe and a top holiday destination for bikes! With an extensive network of cycling paths that connect the country, you’ll be sure to find the right itinerary for you and your family.

Top cycling itineraries in Germany with kids 

Chill mode: The tour of Berlin is what you’re looking for! The vibrant capital is full of things to see and experience at your own pace, making it a great vacation for the whole family. Sporty mode: The tour of Lake Constance, a week of easy cycling along the shores of the majestic Lake Constance. An awesome journey perfect even for the smallest adventurer! Sounds great to you but you don’t own a bike yet? We’ve got the right solution for you. The fLotte Berlin is a great initiative that makes a remarkable contribution to the traffic turnaround. Here is possible to rent a family bike free of charge (donations are always welcomed!). Their mission: share the versatility of cargo bikes and help to make the world a bit greener. So if you’ve always wanted to try out the U-Cargo Family or the Box Kit during your vacation, you can send an inquiry to They can be rented on a daily basis. And if you have more questions, the team will be happy to help you!
Family electric bike: riding in Lake Constance in Germany

Lake Constance by Saddle Skeddadle

France (of course! 😎): cycle back in time & find the treasures

A charismatic country marked by majestic historical sites, a multitude of different landscapes and delicious cuisine… you won’t be disappointed by visiting France this summer! 

Time travel back in time and savour by bike the splendour of the land that we’re lucky to call home.

France can offer you a memorable vacation especially when visited by bike. This country is well-known for top bike itineraries along astonishing landscapes. Most of them are great for an all-family adventure.

Discover the treasures of kings and queens in the Loire Valley, take a break from cycling and hop on a surfboard in Biarritz or enjoy the beauty of slow travelling in the leafy Via Rhôna. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to embark on a journey of taste by savouring our cuisine. You have my word that you won’t regret it… just pop in any boulangerie (bakery) and taste France in one bite!   


Family electric bike: summer trip to loire valley

Loire Valley by Biking France

Top cycling itineraries in France for families

Chill mode: Cycle around the Chateaux in Loire Valley for a breathtaking and entertaining adventure safe and adapted for the whole family. 

Sporty mode: La Dolce Via, explore the lush Ardèche along an ancient railway line that will bring you to the popular bike trail “Via Rhôna”. This itinerary is away from traffic and noise pollution ensuring the most relaxing journey. 

Few last words before you rush packing your suitcases for Europe

Wherever you decide to go, we advise checking out Komoot to plan your trip. It’s a genius (and free!) platform where you can discover cycling tours made by fellow bike lovers. You can pick itineraries for road bikes, mountain bike, running, hiking and even family friendly tours! 

We strongly advise figuring out the biking best setup for you & your family before departure. Whether it’s a kid trailer, a tandem or a cargo bike; it’s a must to find a good compromise where everyone is cosy and happy. 

As we mentioned before, we personally incline towards choosing a family electric bike especially for these types of vacations and if you regularly use bikes in your everyday life too.

While it can be a great investment to purchase a cargo bike, it can also greatly improve your daily mobility and help you reduce using the car (and save big ££ in fuel) and your kids will love it!


Which cargo bike should you choose?

And if you don’t really know which bike to choose, we have developed the perfect family bike for you. Ideal for an everyday urban use & perfect for road adventures like the ones we mentioned above!

Have you guessed which one? *drumroll please* … It’s the U-Cargo Family! 🚲

With a spacious and shock proof rear cabin, you can transport up to two kids comfortably and safely. The U-Cargo drives just like a classic bike and it comes fully equipped so that you don’t have to worry about anything. 

You want to know more about this family electric bike? Give a look to our website or contact us to chat about it in person, we can help you find the perfect setup for you. 

Let us know if this has helped you pick your next family vacation and don’t hesitate to share with us all of your favourite moments with your family bike


Happy cycling! 

Family electric bike: dad with kids on theU-Cargo family on a bike vacation