Electric bike with basket: an easy and fun way of moving around!

Work, trips, leisure, shopping, alone, with your children or your dog… To make it short, there are countless occasions to go out and use some kind of transport!
Climate change and energy shortage but also air pollution and noise are some arguments on the long list of why we should change our habits and use a bicycle. But how do we turn classic mobility into sustainable mobility in areas where moving around is very important?

Even though there are several possibilities, the electric bike with basket is one of the simplest and most successful solutions today!
Come with us and discover what could be the best option for you.

The electric bike with basket: different ways of travelling!

It seems like we are reaching a point where we have to change the situation! There are plenty of responsible transport options and they are all usually within easy reach. But don’t worry, commuting or traveling responsibly doesn’t mean you have to hold back. It just means that you should have a different view on travelling and it opens new doors, new ways to travel.
These are a few general and easy solutions, which, by the way, can very well be combined:


Prioritise shared rides such as carpooling. You can either ask around you, your friends or colleagues if they are willing to share a ride. Or simply download a carpooling app (like TangoRide in the UK) and you will easily find a driver or passengers!

Use local public transport:

Take buses, tramways, the underground… They are more than just greener ways of getting around — you could meet your neighbors, avoid traffic, save money, and improve your health.

Use energy-saving transport options:

Obviously putting yourself in motion is the lowest-carbon option for traveling to work. So, cycling or walking is ideal, and there is nothing better for your health.

Electric e bike in the underground



For example, the electric bike with basket. It has all the perks a normal bike has: it’s easy to park, perfect for short or long distances, and you can even carry your stuff! It can become your best ally in daily life to get to work.
It’s quiet, unobtrusive, and doesn’t emit CO2. Not only do you save the environment, but you also go about your day without noticing and improve your health!
A real winning combination! And you move along without straining, it becomes much easier.

Here, you will find some good arguments.

Why is an electric bike with basket a good alternative to cars?

A bike is often the best solution for responsible urban transport.
It has many advantages: no air pollution, no exhaust gases or CO2, reduction of infrastructure costs, creation of local jobs, and improvement of the rider’s health. With the basket you will also be able to carry a lot of stuff: groceries, bags… The electric bike with basket is tomorrow’s transport. Let’s take a closer look at why this is the case !

Electric assistance:

By adding a motor to the bike you have even more advantages whether it’s for your daily travelling or for bike rides:

      • If you want to use a bike but you feel like you aren’t sporty enough this is a great solution. It makes it much easier to cycle, the electric assistance helps you move along, you won’t even feel it!
      • An electric bike is obviously more expensive than a normal bike. But if you look at it, it is a lot cheaper than a car because there is less maintenance. You don’t have to fill up the petrol, the insurance is cheaper and it is easier to park at home. If you live in a city you know that parking a car is expensive!
      • You can go on long bike rides without checking if the roads are damaged or not. With an e-bike you can ride on bumpy and uneven roads.
      • Thanks to the electric assistance you do not have to worry about being tired or overstraining. It is much easier and everyone can have fun!

Be careful!

However, you need to know how you are going to use your electric bike with basket before buying one. Indeed, if you plan on traveling long distances everyday you’ll have to choose the battery accordingly, choose a high range because charging stations are rare and you’ll probably have to charge your battery often. If you want to know more about batteries and motors, feel free to check out this article.
Another good thing is that there is a type for everyone!

What electric bike you should choose according to your needs

We are going to give you a small list of some of the normal electric bikes that exist so that you can see which one could potentially suit your needs:

City e-bikes:

The electric bicycle designed for urban use is probably the most widespread type in Europe and the one that has been around the longest in comparison to its counterparts. Initially, its use varied greatly between cities and regions, but it is now becoming a regular feature of the urban environment, particularly in large cities, and continues to grow at a rapid pace. The main characteristics of the urban electric e bike are comfort, a high-performance electric assistance system to make journeys effortless, minimal maintenance.

Electric folding bikes:

The folding electric bicycle is becoming increasingly popular.
There are two versions: the compact electric bike, which originally takes up a minimum amount of space (in terms of length, height and weight) it is actually just a small bike, and the actual folding electric bike, which is recommended for people who need/want to travel and use planes, trains, buses…

electric e bike : the electric touring bike

Electric touring bike:

With an electric bike, you can cover more distance, go faster and free yourself from the most difficult, bumpy, uneven route. And this without necessarily being more tired at the end of the ride or suffering from aches and pains.
This kind of electric bike is becoming very popular among people of all ages such as pensioners, young working people transporting children in a trailer, couples where one of the two has a slower pace than the other, etc…

The electric bike wih basket:

The electric bike with basket or simply cargo bike has become a must in urban areas: this strange bicycle, often with a wooden, plastic or metal box at the front or the back, can be used to transport children and equipment over long distances.
For many families using it on a daily basis, or for professionals (especially craftsmen), the electric cargo bike completely replaces a car, or even a small utility vehicle, due to its loading capacity and ease of manoeuvring in the middle of a city.

We even have an example of an electric cargo bike: AddBike’s U-Cargo !
Our cargo bike, which is not much longer than a normal bike, was designed to be practical, safe, and family-friendly.
There is a waterproof and windproof cabin made out of a steel frame at the back in order to protect your children (from their feet to lower back) or your loads perfectly. Adding to that, children can’t open the door from the inside, it only opens from the outside.
The footboard allows the children to climb up and down on their own without a problem!
You can transport loads or children thanks to the Switch2carry that allows you to turn the seat space for children into storage for heavy loads or shopping.
You may think that children or loads are quite heavy to transport… don’t worry, there is electric assistance that allows you to carry heavy things and not feel a difference.

Now that you know everything about all the different solutions you have no excuse to not travel responsibly!