How using a cargo bicycle could be an asset in your daily life

In the context of the pandemic, cycling has been a great way for people to move around the city while keeping a social distance. In addition, in the UK and in European countries the government has invested in cycling infrastructure and has introduced more loans and grants for buying bikes. All this has allowed the cycling world to flourish. Following this boom, more and more types of bikes are created, including electric bicycles, tricycles and even cargo bicycles which can easily replace your car to get around daily in the city. If you want to know about the cargo bicycle you are in the right place ! We are going to explain everything you need to know.

What is a cargo bicycle and in what situation could you use it?

A cargo bicycle, by definition is a bike that carries cargo, additional weight, whereas a normal bike simply carries the rider. There are different types of cargo bikes:
Carry'Box to turn my bike into a cargo bicycle

The three-wheeler/tricycle:

There are two types of three-wheel bikes. They can either have two wheels at the back (these are called tricycles) or two wheels at the front like the AddBike+ (these are called three-wheelers).
There often is a box or a protective cabin between the wheels. The three-wheeler can carry up to four children and/or heavy loads. More and more professionals choose this solution for deliveries or to replace their pickup trucks (last mile deliveries in particular).


  • A tricycle is more stable than a bicycle, you can load it easily at standstill
  • Tricycles and three-wheelers have a much larger loading capacity.


  • Harder to get used to
  • Larger and heavier so it will be harder to park and handle

The long tail or mid tail cargo bike:

As their name suggests, the long tail and the mid tail are extended at the back with a luggage rack on which you can add child seats. In some cases, there is a cabin with seats just like our U-Cargo, it is much safer for children! It can carry 1 to 3 children (depending on the model) or various loads.
AddBike's cargo bicycle : U-Cargo


  • Easy to get used to and to handle because it is just like a normal bike
  • Easy to park
  • Lighter than a long john or three-wheeler


  • Less stable at standstill
  • Smaller loading capacity

The long john cargo bike:

These are also called cycle trucks, front loaders or box bikes. Unlike the long tail or mid tail, a long john is extended at the front. A box or plateforme is placed at the front allowing the transport of 1 to 4 children (depending on the model), or various loads.


  • Easy to get used to and handle
  • Big storage capacity


  • Larger and heavier than a conventional bike
  • Longer bike so could be harder to park
  • You will have to carry your children to put them in the box
  • Won’t suit smaller riders

Electric cargo bicycle:

All of the different cargo bikes listed above can be electrically assisted, so it is much easier to ride steep hills or a loaded bike! If you add electric assistance, you don’t even have to worry about the weight, isn’t that perfect? However, you have to be careful, cargo bikes often have a weight limit so make sure you check it beforehand.  

Some advantages of using a cargo bicycle in your everyday life!

There are several advantages of using a cargo bike in your everyday life. First, as a cargo bicycle is a bike, it has some advantages a normal bike has:

It’s quicker!

In cities, there are many traffic jams which can slow cars and public transportation speed. Cyclists don’t get stuck in this kind of traffic so it is much quicker and you can always get to work or to an appointment on time without having to leave a lot earlier.

You’ll save money!

We know that buying a bike or a cargo bike is an investment and can be quite expensive for some which can discourage a lot of people. But what if we tell you that it is actually a short term investment because in about a year you will have made it profitable! Indeed, with a bike, there are no gas, tax or insurance expenses.

It’s great for your health!

Riding a bike daily will allow you to get some exercise everyday, this will help you stay fit and can prevent health problems (to a certain extent).

You’ll feel free!

A bike allows you to go where you want when you want without depending on someone else to take you somewhere. And it can be the case for everyone, whether you are young or old, rich or poor.

Help save the planet!

A bicycle doesn’t emit anything unlike a car. If everyone used a bike there would be less greenhouse gas emissions, no microparticles or toxic fumes. It would improve everyone’s quality of life and prevent the yellow clouds hovering above cities. Bikes are also much quiter so it would prevent noise pollution as well and calm the city.

Discover new things!

By riding a bike you will have more time to look at your surroundings and rediscover the places you go to. You can also change your routes and discover new places or even go on bike rides, and admire nature. And what are the benefits of using a cargo bicycle? They allow you to carry almost everything you want (within reason) such as children, dogs, shopping, luggage… And they make it easier for you to get around, especially when there are hills… This way you can drop your kids off at school then go to work with the same bike and without having to go back home! It connects people with other people, their family and their surroundings. It brings something more to daily activities that could otherwise be quite boring. As cargo bikes are a bit bulkier (especially three-wheelers) it isn’t as easy as a normal bike to park. Of course you won’t have to pay for a parking space but you need to take this into account!

AddBike’s U-Cargo is a perfect example of a cargo bicycle!

AddBike’s U-Cargo is an electric midtail bike which means that it is less extended than a long tail cargo bike. It actually measures about 7.2 ft (2.20m) which is not much bigger than a normal bike! It was designed to suit the needs of the whole family safely in an urban environment. There are two types: the U-Cargo Family and the U-Cargo Lite.

The U-Cargo Lite

It’s a normal mid tail cargo bike which means it has a rear rack on which you can attach heavy loads (up to 176lbs / 80kg) or almost any type of child seat. Even though for children we still recommend the Family version in terms of safety thanks to its 360° protective cabin.

The U-Cargo Family

It has a protective cabin attached to the rear rack with its own two seats and a solid metal frame with textile to protect your children. The door only opens from the outside and there is a wooden platform in order for you children to get down on their own and safely. This version is very versatile thanks to a special feature called Switch2Carry, it’s a textile system that can turn the child cabin into a large storage space for your shopping or bags.

Now that you have all the information on the long tail cargo bike, the ball is in your court! Why not buy one of your own?