Bike with cargo box? 10 questions about cycling with charges

Cargo bicycles are gaining a lot of popularity among families and even businesses. The reason is simple: they’re versatile, easy to use & a real alternative to cars. Small business owners and tradesmen can also profit from cargo bikes by choosing a bike equipped with a cargo box. The wide charging space can, in fact, transport a considerable amount of tools & goods. In this article we have answered the top 10 questions on cargo bikes, to help you with your doubts and uncertainties. Let’s get started!

Question 1: How much can a bike with a cargo box actually carry?

The main interest in cargo bikes is their ability to carry large weights by bike. But how much can you actually transport? The amount varies from the wheels number, the frame, the loading space placement and other factors. Generally speaking though, we can estimate a charge of 200-300 L / 43-65 gallons per bike. For individuals, these bicycles can transport up to four children (or pets).
Man with bike with cargo box charging parcel at the front

Question 2: How far can electric cargo bikes go?

Most cargo bikes come with power assistance in order to ease the cycling effort. The autonomy range can increase or decrease depending on the amount of load, the weather conditions, the road type and itinerary taken. A great way to know the range is to check directly with the battery/bike producer. Some bikes, like the U-Cargo, are designed with a slot for a secondary battery. This way, riders can double their power assistance and never run out! If you’re a beginner, have a look at our in-depth guide on e-bikes to help you understand all the basics.  

Question 3: How much do cargo bikes cost?

Because of its complex design and pricy materials, cargo bikes are generally quite expensive. An electric cargo bike, for the most part, can cost from €2000/ £1774,62 up. It’s a proper investment but once purchased, the secondary fees (maintenance, reparation, insurance, parking…) are very minimal and affordable in comparison to a car. Especially for pros, working on a bicycle will save you time spent in traffic and struggling finding a park- and time is money! You’ll be able to be very productive by squeezing in more deliveries.
Man walking along a bike with cargo box kit

Question 4: I have a tight budget, how can I make it more affordable?

You can still purchase a cargo bike despite having a small budget. There are a few ways to make it possible:

1. The cargo bike kit 🚲

This is our favourite budget-friendly solution! If you already have a bicycle, you can simply add the accessory on it and transform it into a cargo bike. How’s this cheaper? Because you’re only buying an accessory instead of a full-on bike! We offer multiple cargo bikes add-ons depending on your specific needs: you can choose between transporting groceries, a large dog (even a small pet!), a kid or parcels up to 35 kg/ 77 Ibs.

Keen to know more? Discover the experience of Hulluch Town Hall and how they use their Box Kit for tool transportation!

2. A payment plan 💰

Most shops & bike producers will offer you to split the payment into a few or more instalments. You can have a brand-new bike without breaking your bank account!


3. Buying second-hand 🤲

You’ll be surprised to know that you can purchase cargo bikes in great, if not perfect conditions for way cheaper than retailer price. In this case, it’s important to be well prepared on the subject to avoid being tricked into malfunctioning bikes. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to request a test ride before purchasing!


4. Long-term renting 🕓

This option is great if you want to test out the cargo bike lifestyle without committing, or if you need the bike only temporarily (for 6-12 months). This service will come at a cheaper price monthly wise and you won’t have to worry about maintenance fees. However this is great only for a short term, as in the long run it will end up costing more than buying the bike.


Question 5: Can a cargo bike be suitable for professional use?

This type of bicycles can definitely be used for professional purposes. Thanks to a wide charging space; it can transport a generous amount of tools, parcels and goods. By choosing to move with a bicycle you’ll be able to avoid the traffic jam, easily park anywhere and reach any destination even through small laneways.

It’s more convenient than using a truck to the point that you’ll be able to earn time for more deliveries. Plus it’s also great for reducing stress & staying healthy!

Many large and small companies worldwide have already switched to cargo bikes for most of their deliveries in the city. Why? For business, this is a great opportunity to bring visibility and improve the brand image! It shows that the company is engaged in preserving the environment and acts as a role model for the employees, customers and other companies.

A great example of a cargo bike for professionals? The U-Cargo Pro!

With a total capacity of 270 L / 71 gallons, this cargo bike is equipped with two wide, sturdy boxes that are fully water resistant. The boxes contain several pockets and movable compartments, so that you can organise your goods as you prefer. Furthermore, the large kickstand allows the bike to stay in place even when getting charged with heavy loads. The great adaptability of this bike makes it suitable for artisans, labourers, housekeepers, delivery men and many more! And you don’t need to be a bike expert! This bike was designed to suit the needs of beginner riders. For example, the bike frame is low so that you can easily jump on and off the bike with no effort. The wheels are 20’’ for a low centre of gravity that makes riding easier!

Bike with cargo box capability shown by objects laid on the ground
The tyres are sturdy and puncture-proof so that you can ride with no worries. Also, you can start the motor without giving the initial push, perfect for hills’ start! But that’s not it, for an improved safety during deliveries, the rear module can be fully locked by a key! Our tips: by adding your logo and a bit of creativity on the box you can bring great visibility to your business!

Question 6: Is it necessary to test the bike before purchase?

We strongly recommend booking for a test ride before purchasing any bicycle, especially second hand. It’s critical that you test it in person to understand if the shape, features and setup suits you well. It’s also advisable to test the bike fully charged and empty.
If you’re planning to ride with kids and/or pets, it would be ideal to see how they feel as well.


Question 7: Can I use a bike with cargo box in the countryside?

As long as the road is paved, you can ride with any urban cargo bike.
For particular landscapes such as dirt roads, you should check in with the seller first. If you plan on using your bicycle for bike-packing/adventure purposes, you can find bike models and accessories specifically made for mixed terrains. A cargo bike with a suspension fork helps dampen vibrations making it adapted to all rough terrains.


Question 8: Is an electric cargo bike eco-friendly?

In comparison to motorised vehicles, e-cargo bikes’ CO2 emissions per kilometre are drastically lower. By choosing to commute by bike, you choose one of the most eco-friendly options. If you’d like to cover more the subject of green delivery you can check out this article by Urbeez.

Question 9: Are cargo bikes theft-proof?

To improve the safety of a cargo bike against theft you should look for a sturdy, large lock that will discourage potential thieves. Bike experts generally recommend spending at least 15% of the bike price on theft-proof accessories!
If you’re a delivery pro, ideally you should invest in a high quality foldable bike lock for long distance journeys. On the contrary, for frequent short stops it’s recommended to use a frame or fork lock with a chain. Easy to activate and very resistant, you can attach the chain to the bike lock and simply loop it around a pole in the street. If you need to stop for a longer period of time, combine it with the foldable bike lock for improved protection.

It’s always advisable to store your cargo bike inside, or in a securised shed during the night. To keep your goods safe during delivery, look for a lockable box.

bike with cargo box detail of the frame lock
bike with cargo box foldable lock
The Abus Bordo SmartX 6500A foldable lock

Question 10: What features should I look for in a bike with cargo box?

You should first look at what you like in a classic bike; features like the type of cargo bike model and where do you prefer the charge to be (city bike, tricycle, longtail…). You should also consider what type of riding experience you require: maybe you need great stability, or on the contrary, great riding dynamics.
Another important factor is the quality of the components; like puncture-proof tyres, efficient brakes and so on.

Afterwards, you should look into the cargo box itself. Look for a sturdy and wide charging space. It’s important that your products are well supported and contained inside the boxes. Also, you should watch-out for the kickstand! A fragile kickstand might make the bike fall if it’s too heavy.

If it’s a professional purchase; you should be extra careful to pick a trustworthy powerful engine and to choose powerful long-lasting batteries. Manoeuvrability and ease of maintenance should also be kept in mind to improve the riding experience and avoid future problems.

We hope that this article has helped you out with your research for a bike with cargo box.

Happy cycling !