Bike dog carrier: the ultimate guide for cycling with large dogs

Large dogs’ parents, we know your struggle. Sometimes things can be more tricky when your furry friend is on the larger side. You’re often required to use the car to bring them around and that’s not always ideal (in busy cities for example). But good news: as cargo bikes rise in popularity these last few years, more and more accessories are also designed for the transportation of pets- especially larger ones!

In this article, we’ll guide you through our favourite solutions for hauling canine companions by bike so that you can find the best match for you. Let’s get started!


5 reasons why you should opt for a bike dog carrier for your dog

1. It’s the safest way to cycle with a pet

It’s not rare to see someone cycling on his bike while the large sized dog runs on the side. This can be a fun activity for both (in a park for example) but it’s not a safe way to move around the city as there’s a great chance of injury. Traffic, other dogs, noises & so on may distress him and make him unpredictable.
A better choice for biking with an animal, is the dog carrier. Riding has been shown to be a great activity to improve our general health & mood! And It provides an entertaining experience for your furry friend. Enjoy both by making sure you’re always safe & comfy thanks to the animal carrier for bikes!

2. A suitable option for dogs of every age

By choosing the right cargo bike setup for your doggo, you can totally cycle with any age and sized dog! This also means that disabled or really old dogs can still enjoy the adventure thanks to a carrier

3. Cheaper than a car

Larger dogs often require the car to move around distances that can’t be walked. Travelling by bike cuts down the price and your CO2 emissions considerably. It’s more affordable & it’s also great for the planet, it’s a win-win situation! You’ll only have to invest in the bike, potential accessories & yearly maintenance fees. That’s it!

4. The perfect accessory for long distances

The carrier allows you to enjoy your adventures without having to cut short because of your pet! A trailer is the perfect solution that allows him to rest when needed while you can keep cycling.

5. Provides an enriching experience for both the pet & the owner

As we were saying in the first point, biking can provide a fun and enriching experience for everyone! Especially dogs can profit from the outside stimulus making them happier and bond better with their humans!


Things to keep in mind before investing in a bike dog carrier!

While the options covered in this article are all convenient for large dogs, be aware that they still might not work. Why’s that?
Primarily, it depends on the character of your dog! If your buddy is generally easy-going and curious, any of these accessories should work great. However, if your pet has an anxious approach, you should stick to front models only. By sitting at the front of the bike, you can easily reassure them & they’ll feel more in control of the situation.

The breed of your dog also influences the way he/she’ll react to the new activity. To know more about dog breeds and cycling, this guide will focus just on that! Perfect also if you need guidance to choose the right dog breed for your cycling style. To get professional advice, don’t hesitate to talk to a dog’s behaviour specialists or your vet!

Other factors to consider when choosing a bike dog carrier:

The road types, some models are designed for dirt roads while others can only ride on asphalt. Be aware that riding on the wrong path type is dangerous and can cause injuries!

🌧 What’s the weather like? for winter cycling is advisable to invest in a well-covered accessory so that your buddy can stay warm during the ride! For all seasons cycling, it’s ideal to buy an adaptable accessory developed for this usage.

🚴‍♂️ What about the intensity? some models are built to endure long journeys (like bike-packing) while others will suit shorter, low-intensity, everyday usage.

Our favourite bike dog carrier setups, ideal for large dog breeds


#1 Dog trailer

This accessory can easily be attached to the back of any bike. It’s an ideal solution for larger dogs that prefer having enough space to comfortably sit during the ride. There are many different types and sizes available, even in regards to the terrain preferred. Some dog trailers can also transform into a stroller, like the Burley model on the right. This is great especially for disabled dogs, as well as older dogs that might get easily tired.

✔️ Positive: very safe and stable, spacious even for large dogs (=ideal also for long journeys). Compatible with almost any bike, great variety for different usage.

❌ Negative: not suitable for unpredictable pets, the dog can’t be supervised as it sits at the back. This setting might feel too stressful for some individuals. Generally requires electric assistance due to its large weight (more expensive).

Bike dog carrier: trailer stroller carrying a black dog

Copyright: The Burley dog trailer that becomes a stroller

Bike dog carrier: front cargo bike hauling large breed dog

#2 Cargo bike for dogs

A cargo bike is a two or three-wheel bike, known thanks to its greatly improved charging space. These bikes can be used to transport many things, as well as dogs!
There are several models on the market specifically designed for hauling animals. This option is perfect for bigger sized animals or for owners that want to carry multiple dogs and/or charges at once.

✔️ Positive: lots of extra space, sturdy and safe. It suits even the heaviest breeds and can carry 2+ dogs at once

❌ Negative: one of the most expensive option, very bulky (challenging to drive in traffic and requires large storing space) & often requires electric assistance

#3 Dog carrier Kit

A dog carrier kit is the most versatile option in the list. It allows you to transform your current bike into a cargo bike by replacing the front or back wheel. The best part about this accessory is that it’s fully reversible. Perfect for bike enthusiasts! You can use the dog carrier only when needed and simply reverse back to your classic bike when your buddy doesn’t come along. This allows you to have two bikes in one without having to commit and pay for a full new bike.
While this is a less common solution, it’s the most cost effective and handy one.

✔️ Positive: versatile, cost effective and ingenious. Can greatly adapt to many different needs

❌ Negative: not many options on the market (for now), often requires to be built by the buyer or a bike expert

Bike dog carrier kit: medium dog sits in the Dog Kit cargo bike while owner cuddles him

Want to know more about dog carrier kits? Discover the Dog Kit!

Just as we were saying before, the Dog Kit is a bike dog carrier kit that replaces the front wheel of your bike in a matter of minutes. This makes the accessory fully reversible as you can easily assemble or disassemble it only when needed. It’s the perfect accessory for everyday urban usage!
Also, this means that you can use it on different bikes so that everyone in your family can enjoy the rides with the pet!

It is equipped with a tilting wheel system that makes the ride dynamic and smooth. A short time of adaptation is sometimes necessary to get fully comfortable with this new driving style! The system is suitable for almost all bicycles, especially electric bikes, as long as the motor is not on the front wheel.

This solution is very enjoyed by large dogs of 35 kg/ 73Ibs max and up to 1m20/3.9 ft tall as they can comfortably sit in a spacious module while enjoying the view. They feel cosy, always protected & fully in control!

It’s equipped with:

  • Side reflectors to be more visible by cars
  • A foldable textile cover to protect from rain and cold (it’s waterproof!)
  • Removable anti-slip mat so that your buddy has good adherence and doesn’t slide in the module during the ride
  • A storage pocket to safely carry toys, a leash & your pup’s favourite snacks!
  • A built-in leash clip for improved safety (no jumping out possible!)
Now that you know everything about the bike dog carrier, we hope that it’ll be easier for you and your furry friend to choose the perfect accessory for your adventures 🐶 Happy cycling!