Adult hat


This very comfortable hat for adults is made of non-woven fibres. It is equipped with ear protectors. The welded seams provide maximum comfort.

In size M or in size L.



Technical features

Colour: black

Component: non-woven fibres

Facets colour: black


Padded hat with ear protectors; attached to the inside of the helmet instead of standard padding and thus protects against the cold. As the bonnet replaces the normal padding, the helmet is also convenient for the winter time.

  • The winter kit minimises health risks while riding your bike in low temperatures
  • The adult kit is optimized for ABUS Urban-I and Lane-U helmets

Prix : 55,00  TTC

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Prix : 90,00  TTC

Folding bike lock 6100/90

Prix : 76,00 

Adult rain poncho

Prix : 135,00 

Adult bike helmet