Hulluch Town Hall: a delivery bike but not for bicycle delivery

We are familiar with companies using a bike for bicycle delivery, but what about for the council? We interviewed Gauthier and Thomas who work for the Council’s technical department in Hulluch, Pas-de-Calais, France. They are great fans of bicycles and have recently purchased our Kit Box to add it onto an electric bike and are delighted to be using it!

Not exactly bicycle delivery: our Kit Box for transporting tools!

What was your initial need, what were you looking for?

Gauthier: “There are a lot of us working at the town hall and we were short of vehicles. We often cycled with the tools in our backpack to get around, so we wanted to go for something more practical: an electric delivery bike. So, we were looking for a way to get around quickly but also in an ecological way. We had to convince the mayor, but we had a lot of things to say: it’s an ecological and economical means of transport, but there are also many health benefits for employees! We emphasised on respecting nature and the environment, which is dear to our hearts. And even though we use this electric delivery bike for something other than deliveries, it is perfect for our daily needs!”

How did you discover AddBike ?

Gauthier: “We were looking for a two-wheeler or three-wheeler on the internet and we came across AddBike. We loved the idea immediately!”

How long have you had your AddBike+ and what do you do with it?

Gauthier: “We have had the Carry’Box since June. We use it to move around daily with our various tools. We cycle a lot during the day and having the tools in the box rather than on our backs is very pleasant. Two of us use it regularly and a third person is getting used to it. We have added it to an electric bike bought at Décathlon.”

Why do they use a delivery bike if it isn’t for bicycle delivery?

Did you test the tilting system beforehand (with a dealer, on another bike)? What did you think of it?

Gauthier: “No, we hadn’t tested the tilting system before we bought it, we wanted to be adventurous!
We didn’t expect such a sensitive system, so it took us a while to get the hang of it. We are glad to have a large car park to practice in!
The driving can change slightly if the box is loaded or not. I usually ride with a toolbox which weighs about 20kg and I put it upright so it’s close to the backrest and avoids the weight on the handlebars. But when I used this electric delivery bike empty, I realised that it is very dynamic! The tilting system is very handy once you get the hang of it.”

Not using an electric delivery bike for deliveries

Was it easy to add the AddBike+ to your bike? Did you use the instruction manual / video tutorials? On which bike did you add it?

Gauthier: “Yes, the assembly was very easy! We read the instructions before doing it, but it’s still very instinctive.
It’s very easy to fit on the bike, we’re very happy with it!”

Are you satisfied with it? What are the benefits?

Gauthier: “Yes, we are very proud of it and we don’t regret this purchase. We already travelled a lot by bike and the Carry’Box was the cargo solution we were missing.”
Thomas: “Gauthier is very fond of it!”
Gauthier: “There are many advantages! The bike allows us to get around quicker than a car. Hulluch has 21 km of road, which is a half-marathon, we can therefore cycle a lot! It also allows us to work while enjoying our passion: cycling. We’re going to add a Sat Nav to it to calculate the number of kilometres we ride per day/per week.”

Would you recommend this electric delivery bike to other municipalities?

Gauthier : “Yes of course !! Even though we didn’t use it for deliveries, this kit box is perfect! It allows us to be athletic and it’s very handy ! It is also very practical during protests because it’s an ecological vehicle that allows you to follow protesters easily. We also recommend it to the Council’s event department to transport decorations, speakers and more!”