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Dog transport: the cargo bike is a new and safe adventure for the dog!

Transport your dog with a three-wheel bike

Every time you leave the house, do you have to choose between taking your dog with you or going out on your bike? Have you ever thought about buying a three-wheel bike or installing an AddBike + conversion module on your current bike to turn it into a three-wheel bike? With this equipment, it is perfectly possible to transport your dog or another pet on your bike in complete safety way for you, your pet and other road users. Don’t leave your pet at home just because you are taking your bike!.

Learn more about our Carry’Dog to transport your dog! ?

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Dog transport: the pleasure of riding a bike with your dog

What if it became easy to ride a bike with your dog or any other pet? This is the AddBike promise for all cyclists who want to take their loved ones everywhere with them.

Your pet’s safety comes first! The cargo bike provides all the necessary safety that parents expect from a bike. AddBike offers solid, reliable and laboratory-tested products. Experienced cyclists looking for more capacity- the AddBike + will interest you! For cyclists looking for the feel of a normal bike but with more loading capacity, the AddBike solutions are for you!

The Carry’Dog, the ideal alternative for your trips

With an AddBike transformation module, you can take your dog (or your pet) anywhere in a safe and reassuring module. Placed at the front of the bike and sheltered on rainy days, your pet can watch the road and thus satisfy their curiosity. With patience, your dog will quickly learn to adjust to this new means of transport. You can go for walks and go to parks to let your dog roam as they please or simply make your daily commute!

Riding your bike with your dog running next to you is not such a good idea.

Naturally, dogs and classic bikes are not really compatible. Some dogs, even very well trained ones, can start barking and run behind any bike and thus put themselves in danger. While the idea of keeping him on a leash may seem good to you, it can also be difficult with a dog that pulls, a dog that is too curious or simply a dog that has trouble keeping up with the pace or distance. Your dog’s breed, morphology, physical condition… you must be sure that they will be able to handle this kind of sport. Remember that dogs have no business on a cycle path which is dangerous for them (cycling in the opposite direction, overtaking…)!