Everything about the manufacture of the AddBike

At AddBike, we choose to work as much as we can with regional stakeholders within and around Lyon, where we are located. This allows us to closely monitor our production process while increasing the industrial activity in our region.

From ordering metal components to delivering the product to your home, discover the entire manufacturing process of the AddBike+!

How is the AddBike+ produced?

Our manufacturing process in 4 steps

The manufacturing process

The production of AddBikes starts with ordering the metal components that make up our chassis. his first step is carried out with several partners each one having complementary know-how in cutting, drilling, bending, welding, threading, reaming. All these steps create the required form for every part. The main objective is to make sure dimensions are correct and to ensure material quality.

The material protection

Each steel component is shipped to relevant partners for protective overlay application. This well-known process is called electrophoretic deposition (ED). It brings additional resistance to the material in question, especially against corrosion. In addition, the AddBike’s main part of the frame undergo a painting completion in order ensure both shock and scratch resistance as well as esthetics.

The product finalization: Assembling

Components are now ready for assembly. To assemble the AddBike, the required parts are sent to our manufacturing partner
which is a French Support and Work Assistance Establishment (ESAT) located in Chaponost, near Lyon.

Wheels, brakes, screws, hardware, compact plates and other remaining parts required for the assembly of an AddBike are supplied independently and are stocked in the assembly workshop of our partner.

Despatch process at our partner’s

Once assembled, the AddBike is ready to be shipped in its adapted packaging which meets its specific shapes and dimensions. The same parcel containing an AddBike can hold one or two complementary products (different containers).

The AddBike quality commitment

The production of an AddBike includes several steps. Our team works along our partners’ workplaces to ensure that the received materials, components and assembly process meet our quality expectations. Our objective: on time delivery of a compliant product that answers consumer expectations allowing a pleasant consumer experience.