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Documents to download for the AddBike+

Our tutorial videos for the AddBike+ (EN subtitles)

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How to install the AddBike+ on your bike?

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Documents to download for the AddBike

Our tutorial videos for the AddBike

How to install the AddBike on your bike? (EN subtitles)

Assembly guide for the AddBike

Our answers to your most frequently asked questions

The AddBike comes with a special braking system that brakes symertrically on both wheels The handle of this system settle directly on your handlebar There is no operation to do on your own braking system, you simply have to shift the front brake handle to make space for the AddBike braking handle.

Despite its two wheels, the AddBike doesn’t give more stability to the cyclist than a traditionnal bike Indeed, the two wheels tilt on each side to offer more maneuverability in driving, it is a pendulum system The AddBike needs a learning period on first rides It is therefore necessary to have as much balance as on a bike to be able to drive the AddBike.

We know that many people lack balance or suffer from a small handicap want to ride a bike again : we actually thinking to an other system for this use, we will be sure to keep you informed of progress !

With or without containers you can carry until 35kg with your AddBike The system was laboratory tested to be sur that the wheight doesn’t damage the fork of the hosting bike in every ride circumstances and however the design of the fork

The AddBike driving will be more pleasant until about a 20-25kg weight It is also advisable to load your AddBike logically putting the heavier loads below and closest to the Addbike back.

The limit is rather related to the size of the child. We designed our hammock for a 85cm height kid can sit in and be confortably installed. It is essential that your child must know how to seat alone and hold his head to be installed in the AddBike

The maximum size of the child is about 1.2m, so he can be comfortable inside the Carry’Box Kid

For now only a single kid version of the Carry Box Kid is available. The Addbike team is developing a new version who will be able to transport two children but still within in the limit of a load of 35kg

Waiting this new feature you can transport your two children by placing the taller in the AddBike and the smaller on the back of your bike in a traditional child bike seat

The AddBike and its containers are design in Lyon in our engeneering office We then call suppliers and subcontractors, mostly in France in order to achieve mechanical parts who composed our products. The assembly is then realized in the region of Lyon. To know more about the fabrication of our products your can also check our production page.

We choose to work principally with cycle resellers and bike shops They are professionals able to make you discover our products and in most cases to let you test before buying the contact details of our resellers are available on the AddBike map

We advise you to join them by phone before moving to their store to check if they have a copy in their store.

We always be glad to make discover our products to new resellers We are constantly looking for new partners in France and Europe, in order to have sales points with the greatest number of cyclists !

If you want to know more about our products and on the terms to become resellers you could fill this form