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Transport of goods and groceries by cargo bike: a cyclologistics boom

Transport of goods with a load-carrying bicycle

With the metamorphosis of cities and that have led to more urbanised areas, the bicycle seems more than ever the #1 alternative to the car among all the transport options available on the market. The bicycle is often shunned because of its lack of practicality: it is difficult to carry relatively heavy or bulky loads on a conventional bicycle. Fortunately, for cyclists who want to carry loads, there is the solution of the carrier bike. AddBike has modernised the carrier bike to meet the current needs and preferences of urban cyclists with its U-Cargo bike and AddBike + conversion kit. Transport of goods has never been easier.

Carry heavy loads on a cargo bike with our Carry’Box! ?

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Carrying loads without getting into trouble

The Glorious Years of the Carrier Bike

The carrier bike was very popular in the 20th century, as it was used by traders and craftsmen to make short distance deliveries. For this reason, some people speak nostalgically of a butcher’s bike or a baker’s bike. Above all, they were used to transport light freight over several kilometres as well as mail. After the end of the Second World War, this mode of transport was finally abandoned in favour of motor vehicles, marking the end of the golden age of two or three-wheeled bicycles.

The carrier bike is more modern than ever

An ecological, economical mode of transport that is extremely well suited to city transport, cycling in the city is gaining new enthusiasts every day. The carrier bike has taken advantage of this trend to return to favour with a young, urban target group. If you are looking to reduce your environmental impact and find alternatives to the car for carrying loads, you might be interested in the AddBike solution. Two solutions are currently being proposed. First, the U-Cargo, which is a compact bike no bigger than a normal bike but with the loading capacity of a cargo bike. Second, the AddBike + conversion kit which allows you to transform your own bike into a handy and resistant three-wheeled bike. By installing a Carry’Box on the AddBike +, you can store up to 110 liters and 35 kg in a water-resistant bag with a steel tube structure, designed specifically for use like professional courier bags. You will no longer have to worry about how to get back from the grocery store or how to transport heavy or bulky items. As the kit is designed for the city, its width is optimised to allow you to move around the city with peace of mind.