U-Cargo reservation – presale

The U-Cargo is on pre-order and will be shipped in September 2021

The perfect family bike, designed to meet your need for everyday mobility. Get around with your children and your belongings safely and easily thanks to electric assistance and adapted equipment! To take advantage of the special presale price, reserve your U-Cargo.

Le U-Cargo is currently on presale. You can therefore benefit from €800 discount. How does it work? All the explanations below.

U-Cargo Basic:
Standard selling price: €3,950
Total price of the U-Cargo Basic on presale (- €700): €3,250
Reservation deposit: €815
To be paid in September 2021: €2,435

U-Cargo Family:
Standard selling price: €4,490
Total price of the U-Cargo Family on pre-sale (- €800): €3,690
Reservation Deposit: €925
To be paid in September 2021: €2,765

Deposit to reserve your U-Cargo:
You can cancel your reservation at any time.
The deposit will be fully refunded. 

925.00 TTC

Reserve my U-Cargo
+ 649 € at time of purchase in September 2021

360° protection

Secure frame on a sturdy and rigid metallic structure

icone electrique

Powerful and reliable motor

With a motor output of 80nm, ride easily loaded or unloaded

icone euro

Optimised budget

Uncompromising quality thanks to ingenious design

Made for the city

Compact, ergonomic, handy and practical

The U-Cargo is currently in production and will be ready for delivery in September 2021. You can book your U-Cargo today to take advantage of €800 discount.

U-Cargo Basic:

Standard selling price: €3,950
Total price of the U-Cargo Basic on presale (- €700): €3,250
Reservation deposit: €815
To be paid in September 2021: €2,435

U-Cargo Family:

Standard selling price: €4,490
Total price of the U-Cargo Family on pre-sale (- €800): €3,690
Reservation Deposit: €925
To be paid in September 2021: €2,765

Learn More About the U-Cargo

The U-Cargo: Family or Basic?

The U-Cargo Family
This is the U-Cargo Basic, equipped with additional accessories to make everyday life easier for parents wishing to cycle with their children and their belongings.


Footboard to help children get on the bike, to rest their feet on and also to store groceries.


Sturdy metal frame covered by a textile sheath to cover the children’s feet and holding groceries


Basket that can hold several types of loads by fixing them on the solid base (backpacks, groceries…)

The U-Cargo Basic
A compact and sturdy bike equipped with a large rack at the rear allowing the transport of two children or 80kg of loads. Not much larger than a standard bike, it nevertheless has a large loading capacity.

Aluminum Frame

Robust and light weight

Pedal Motor

Power and reliability

250W – 60km

20″ and thick wheels (2.4)

Compact and comfortable


One size fits all

Both parents can drive it

(Adjustable saddle and handlebars)

Our BackCarrier can accommodate 2 children up to 80kg. Most commercially available seats are compatible: Thule, Hamax, Polisport, Decathlon…

Features of the U-Cargo

Back Carrier
Basic & Family

The centrepiece of the U-Cargo, this large rack allows for the transport of bags and the vast majority of commercially available child seats (Ortlieb, Thule, Decathlon, Polisport…). Practicality and universality!

Basic & Family

A trigger on the handlebars allows you to start the engine without pedalling, so there is no need to make the first few pedals yourself (which are the most difficult, especially when going uphill or the bike is loaded)

Basic & Family

Technology that activates a slight traction of the motor to to allow for you to walk alongside the bike, loaded or unloaded.

Basic & Family

Specially developed by our engineers, our Kick-It stand deploys easily by foot for stable parking and easy installation for children.

Basic & Family

Thanks to an app, you will be able to link your phone to the central engine and obtain information on your journey and your use (kilometres travelled, battery status).

Basic & Family

Adjustable saddle and handlebars for the comfort of the whole family

Family Version

The footboards of the U-Cargo are also used as supports for placing loads. Its walls are covered with textile that can hold up to 110L: A cargo for children and shopping!

Family Version

Textile system for transforming the child seat into a container for holding your belongings

Family Version

A metal frame providing 360° protection for your children and accommodating the textile cover to hold your belongings.

Family Version

An innovative basket for front loads with a strap system to hold transported items firmly in place. No more unpleasant surprises in case of a pothole!

Technical Characteristics

  • Frame & Fork: Painted alloy frame 6061-T6 (Grey or white)
    Fork dropout width 100mm
  • Wheels and tires: Size 20″ and width 2.4
    Model: Schwalbe Super Moto X
    Anti-puncture tires – special loads
  • User size: From 1.50m to 2m Low step
    Adjustable saddle and stem
  • Weight: U-Cargo (with motor and battery): 30kg Family options: 5kg
    Optional extra battery: 3.5kg
  • Child Seat Compatibility: Thule – Polisport – Décathlon – Hamax – Bobike
  • Available space with metal frames at the rear: 60cm x 50cm (length and width)
    Available volume: 90L (can be exceeded in height)
  • Motor: Bafang – BBS02
    Position : Middle
    Power rating: 250W
    Torque : 80Nm
    Smartphone app: Bafang Go
  • Battery: Phylion – SF-06s
    Samsung Cells
    14,5Ah – 36V
    700 charging cycles
    Autonomy : 50 to 70km
    Space Available for a second battery
  • Payload: Rear load max. capacity: 80kg
    Front load max. capacity: 20kg
  • Dimensions: 200 cm (L) x 60 cm (W) x 110 cm (H)

Warranty and Customer Service

Frame: 5 ans
Motor: 2 ans

Spare parts
Available for after-sales service and warranty

Standard Equipment
Service from a private individual or bicycle shop

A responsive team
04 78 59 98 76

U-Cargo Product Demo

Learn more about the U-Cargo
The perfect family cargo bike!

Although close to the final version, certain elements of the U-Cargo are still in the process of being finalised (textile envelope that covers the metal frame, reinforced kickstand and other aspects…)

Client Testimonials

With the arrival of my second child, I had been looking for a way to use a bike in my daily life. I didn't want to buy a big cargo bike because I like a bike that is easy to manage and I don't have room in my apartment. The U-Cargo was the solution.
Nathan - Beta Tester
This is exactly what I was looking for. A good, reliable and efficient bike to get around with my little ones. Practical and safe at a reasonable price!
Caroline - Beta Tester
icone velo
I live in a rather hilly town and I was afraid I would have trouble riding my bike on the hills. The U-Cargo allowed me to move my professional equipment without any problem!
Luc - Beta Tester
The U-Cargo is a bike that can do everything. I can drop my children off at school and go straight to the shops. The electric assistance makes it easy to transport everything I need, and I feel comfortable knowing that my children are safe.
Wiana - Beta Tester

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