AddBike seeks to interacts with soft mobility actors to discover their habits in terms of utilization . We have discussed with Becycle, a bicycle delivery company from Lyon, as part of our actions to lend our products to companies. It was an opportunity for us to learn more about the profession of bicycle delivery agents and to collect the feedbacks on the utilization of the AddBike, which has found its place in their bicycle fleet. The feedback from the Becycle delivery agent from May 2018 :

What do you transport and how often?

Becycle is made up of a team of 20 couriers who cover an average of 75 kilometers daily, giving a total of 1500 kilometers per day (1150 by bycicle, 200 by E-bycicle, 150km by cargo bike). Becycle can meet every type of demand, whether in terms of loads or volume. Indeed, we are equipped with different engines/vehicles allowing us to adapt ourselves to the specificities and length of the ride. Becycle is therefore equipped with bicycles, cargo bikes (three-wheel or two-wheel cargo bikes), of cargo bikes with rear containers and two electric vans. We have a wide variety of costumers, from the liberal professions to local authorities, including printers and institutions such as the metropolitan area of Lyon. you an idea, 20% of our deliveries are recurring and scheduled, so 80% are punctual and last minute. Responsiveness and organization are therefore very important for us.

Apart from the AddBike, which solution do you use?

We already had various types of bicycles. To cover similar needs, we use a cargo bike, a non-electric two-wheel cargo. We can transport up to 40 kilograms of goods. It should be noted that our field of action covers the whole city of Lyon and more.

How has the AddBike helped with your deliveries?

AddBike belongs to the cargo-bike category, so it completes our cargo-bike fleet. With its 35 kg capacity, it offers an interesting alternative with its compact dimensions. Our two-wheel cargo bikes are often under-exploited with loads not exceeding 15 kilograms. It has therefore been used for deliveries which are large in size and light in weight. We have used it on a daily basis for about twenty kilometers a day.

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