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Do I have to be a sportsman to ride my bike on a daily basis ?

Do you have to be athletic to ride a cargo bike for daily trips?

Do you want to make your daily trips on a cargo bike, but you are afraid of not being athletic enough?

Indeed, the bicycle is the fastest (and most convenient) means of transportation for daily trips in the city, but cycling regularly is a physical activity that can, at first glance, discourage some people. For this reason, electric assistance is a great alternative for beginners or returning sportsmen and women.

We will explain how it works!

Electrical assistance, a good alternative for you and the planet

What is a bike with electric assistance?

An electrically assisted bicycle is a bike equipped with an electric motor and a power source (usually a rechargeable battery). Having an electrically assisted bike means you have assistance while pedaling. Contrary to popular belief, your electric bike will not move if you don’t pedal!

That’s why making regular trips on an electric bike is still a physical activity and can be great exercise.

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Having electric assistance on my cargo bike
Electrically assisted bicycles as a daily aid - longtail AddBike

Electric assistance: help for daily cycling, effortless traveling

As a reminder, the purpose of a cargo bike (lien interne vers notre article sur le vélo cargo) is to be an alternative to the car and thus allows a consequential transport of loads.

Adding electric assistance, means a simpler daily life. You will pedal with less effort, be less tired, and less sweaty when you arrive at work! However, you must know how to choose your electric assistance according to the use you make of your bike. Everything will depend on how often you use your cargo bike (daily or just on weekends), whether your trips included changes in altitude, the loads you carry and of course how long your trips are.

Thanks to an adapted electric cargo bike, you will be able to totally eliminate the constraints of hills, and transport your children and loads simply all while offering you a simple daily means of exercise.

No more need for sportswear for your daily bike trips, but don’t forget about wearing a helmet!

The advantage of an electric cargo bike is that it retains the benefits of conventional bicycles and remains a practical and active means of transport!

A health-enhancing tool

Even if it considerably reduces effort, riding an electric bicycle can still be considered a sport in its own right.

Riding with electric assistance offers moderate intensity exercise with an adjustable degree of assistance, and does not completely get rid of pedaling!

Its daily practice allows you to perform a complete weekly exercise while limiting the intensity of your effort.

It has many health benefits: limitation of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, obesity, fibromyalgia, cancer treatment, reduction of trauma (knees, ankles, hips), improvement of respiratory capacity and immune system, increased life expectancy, lasting fat loss, restful sleep…

It is important to note that the energy intensity produced can be reduced by 20-30% during cyclingand therefore reduces heart rates and all its related problems. Getting around in an electric cargo bike is an athletic exercise that is good for both body and mind. For example, exercising before work improves concentration, reduces stress, stimulates neurons and improves cognitive abilities.

This is how to enjoy the pleasure of doing sport without getting too tired!

To conclude,

So you have your answer: you don’t need to be athletic to use a cargo bike but it is strongly recommended to add electric assistance to allow for less effort while pedaling.

An electric cargo bike is a bike adapted to everyone and a gentler means of transport that is the gateway to good sports habits and is accessible to any bike-lover!